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:iconnorthernmyth:NorthernMyth posted a status
Okay, Just wanna make a quick note of this as it was brought up in the SA Chat.

If I ask you to RP, PLEASE don't give me the cold shoulder, or say you will and never get back to me.
If you don't actually want to RP with me, that's fine, Just politely decline.

I know I have an odd writing style and its hard for some to understand what I'm putting across. But that's just because I'm Dyslexic and can't exactly do anything about it.

When I ask for an RP and get given a silent treatment or I'm strung along over a period of time I always feel like I've done something wrong and am actually scared to pester anyone about RP's.

SA was the first RP group I've actually been in and stuck to. And apart from doing small RP's on FeralHeart that's the only experience I've had.

All I ask is that if you don't want to RP saying something along the lines of " Thanks for asking, but I'm not interested"

Thanks ^-^

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