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:iconnorthernmyth:NorthernMyth posted a status
So I got a phone call this morning. About 11am.
I was a job I applied for and and they were asking to have an interview. Me thinking it would be like in next week or something. Nope can you drop by and have an interview at 5. Okay 6 hours. No problem

I went for the interview. I was the youngest there at only 17 the rest were in their 20's. After my interview I was sure I didn't get it non the less, and then I get a phone call later and they asked if I could do a thing tomorrow. coz I was in the top applicants. Me now knackered am going to sleep because I have been awake for 23 hours ... help. I have to get up at 7am -cries-

I am really hope I get this job, but I have that nagging thing in the back of my head saying Uhhhh but you won't be able to art if you're working all day. Uhhh early hours nooooo ... smh

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