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:iconnorthernmyth:NorthernMyth posted a status
-Today on Stable Drama-
Tango's owner is just ... Idk. They annoy me. So continuing from the last status about this, I said I was gonna talk to the Farm Owner (Neil). Well I did. And Tango's owner has said nothing to him. Like, at all. She didn't come up on Sunday like she's supposed to. Leaving Neil to do the grazing paddocks and stables.

Basically, I asked Neil if she had spoken to him and he said no. He hadn't seen her for over 2 weeks. And I told him what she text me, Asking If I wanted Tang on full loan ect. And he got really pissed off about it because she hadn't even asked him first before assuming I'd have the time to take her on, And also agreed that it wouldn't be 100 a month for livery. The way she words the text makes it sound like I'd be giving her the money, like how dumb do you think I am. The money would go straight to Neil. She doesn't pay any livery for her horses rn, all her riding tack belongs to Neil. Plus she didn't pay for the last time Tang and Hugo got their feet done. Neil paid for it, expecting that she would give him the money back the following week.

She takes the absolute mick out of Neil and he's basically paying for all 3 horses, of which he can't afford. She brought me in to help her with her horses so she wouldn't need to be up 6 days a week. She's supposed to be up there a minimum of 3 days a week, Me taking the other 3, but really she comes up once in a blue moon.
That time she tried loaning Tango out to someone else I didn't go up for like a week, and then when I did come up on the next Saturday, she was there and was really pissed at me saying something along the lines of "You kept changing your mind about coming up, letting Neil down and leaving him to do all the work" LIKE excuse me, you haven't been up once in 4 months. 4 FUCKING months. And then had the audacity to use the word commitment in her last text even though I've been to the yard more than she has this year. I've been to the yard at least 100 times where she's been about 20. 3 of those times she didn't even go look at her horses.
Basically what I've been told is that she moved house, to Forfar which is 20 miles away or whatever and has a grazing paddock next to/attached to her house.
She offered to sell Tango to Neil for 3000. Now being honest she isn't worth that. When she was first sold, she was sold for 2'500 (12 years old, In foal to a Pro Showjumping Stallion). She's now 15 and I'd say she was worth about 1000, No Tack Included.

Neil is happy I came to him first. I wouldn't have given her an answer otherwise.
Basically, we are going to look into our local equine rescue centers, for a broken to ride horse and possibly a pony field companion. And I'd have the ridden horse on part loan.

I'll be devastated to see Tango go as I've looked after her for almost 10 months. But I really don't have a say about it. It just sucks.

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