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:iconnorthernmyth:NorthernMyth posted a status
So Tango's owner is deciding to move yards. She has asked me If I want to loan Tango full-time (keeping her at the farm). Meaning 7 days a week. But for only £100 a month for hay straw and feed to the yard owner. And I'm guessing her feet to every 6 weeks. Though I know it's not going to be £100 a month as straw is like £30 and it lasts us about a month.
And then 2 bales of hay are £30 (£15 each) and last us 1-2 months.

We would be using a lot less because there would only be two of them. But a lot more because it will be winter.
I think I need to ask the yard owner first. To see his thoughts as Tango and Jasmin don't get along and It will be hard to work Tango as Jasmin needs another horse with her, so she would probably start freaking out if I took Tango for a Hack ... or tried to. 

I find it cheeky that she used the word commitment in her text seeing as I've been up to the yard more times than she has this year, looking after both her horses, giving her big one the attention he needed and he's lame now because he went from exercising every day to no exercise at all and was left with no constant exercise for about 4 months.

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