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This is actually 91 Questions

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 21, 2018, 11:28 AM
Actual Lemon

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Stolen from corruptedcorvid 

1) Are you really ready for 111 questions?

Yeah... But you've only given be 91 you dingus

2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
I'm never really been in a relationship so this doesn't apply to me

4) Who did you last say "I love you" to?
My cat :D 

5) Do you regret it?
NO never

6) Have you ever been depressed?
Fuck yeah.

7) Are you a boy?
-turns around and unzips jeans- UM

8) Are you a girl?
Well unless I have Man Titties, then Yes I am a grill

9) What is your relationship status?

10) How do you want to die?
Like... Right now

11) What did you last eat?
Painkillers! - I woke up with a headache

12) Played any sports?
I did when I was younger. Ie. Netball, Football (Soccer) and Athletics
Now is just Horse riding and Esports B)

13) Do you bite your nails? 
Used to really bad but now its just when ever a break a nail or what ever

14) When was your last physical fight?
When I was like 10

15) Do you have an attitude?
Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?!

16) Do you like someone?
Yes No

17) What is your real name? 
also found out recently why I have a middle name

19) Are you gonna get high later?
High on Pain Killers? Sure

20) Do you hate anyone at the moment? 
Kinda, long story

21) Do you miss someone?

22) Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
Twirl, honey, Tworll!

23) Do you tan a lot?

24) Have any pets?
Cat named Jinxx 
My loan horse Tango

25) How exactly are you feeling?
Shit :D

26) Ever eaten food in a car while someone or yourself is driving?
Um yeah

27) Ever made out in the bathroom?
No, Return to Question 2

28) Would you take any of your exes back?
Return to Question 2

29) Are you scared of spiders?
Not really. Like they can stay tf away from me, and never touch me but I find them interesting when stuck under a glass

30) Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Yeah, I think I've said this before but I'd go back to when I had my Loan pony Freckles. Kinda be cool to follow her life too since she lived like 42 years

31) Do you regret anything from your past?
Yeah, Alot

32) What are your plans for this weekend? 
Well... Its Sunday so
Go to the barn Saturday and then Sleep all day Sunday

33) Do you want to have kids?
I'm not sure I can actually have them, but maybe one or two

34) Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?
Yeah... My mom 

35) Do you type fast?
Yeah, I type way too fast some times so I fuck up alot

36) Do you have piercings?
Yeah, My ears
37) Want any more?
Maybe, Well not really 

38) Can you spell well?
Kinda, I'm Dyslexic but its not severe and I usually look up the words I'm struggling to spell or use a text corrector

39) Do you miss anyone from your past?

40) What are you craving right now?
Nothing really. Maybe a Pizza. But I always want Pizza. Soup sounds good about now

41) Ever been to a bonfire party?
HELL YES. My Aunt used to do one every year around her birthday and those were wild

43) Have you ever been on a horse? 

Yeah, Been riding for 14 years so I'd hope so

45) Have you ever broken someone's heart?
Not that I know of

46) Have you ever been cheated on?
Again Return to Question 2

49) Would you live with someone without marrying them?
Yeah, for sure

50) What should you be doing?
Writing Chapter posts and doing actual work

51) What's irritating you right now?
A few things...
The pins and needles I have in my foot rn

52) Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?

54) What is your favorite colour?
Grey. I'm boring I know

55) Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
Yeah, After the beach coz I was gross and covered with sand

57) Do you have trust issues?
Yeah, I believe just about everything in my life is a Giant prank

62) Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?

Return to Question 2

63) Who was the last person you cried in front of?

Tango. Technically
Other than that, my mom at my uncles funeral 

64) Do you give out second chances too easily?
Not really. No one has ever done me so bad they need another chance

65) Is it easier to forgive or forget?
Both for me?

66) Is this year the best year of your life?
Idk, It only January. I mean so far its alright

67) What was your childhood nickname?
Not really had one except Ali.
Unless you mean the names Bullies gave me but thats not important

68) Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
Probably when I was 2 or something

70) Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

If I didn't get Tang on loan I wouldn't have met Neil.
And although I'm sad to be seeing Tango go, It also opens up opportunities for me at the Barn

71) What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Sent an Email at like 5:50am

73) What is bothering you?
Again a few things...
My mom basically disowning me
Tango's owner

74) Have you ever been out of your state/country?
Yeah. I've been to Bulgaria, The US (San Fran) and Technically going down to England is leaving the country.

75) Do you play the Wii?
I PLAYED the wii, I still have my Wii but I don't really play it.

76) Are you listening to music right now?
No. I will be in a second

77) Do you like Chinese food?
Of course, but only certain things.

78) Do you know your fathers b- day?
Yeah, March 6th

79) Are you afraid of the dark?
YES, or more so whats in the dark. I find it easier to fall asleep in daylight. I always have to have a source of light and noise.

80) Is cheating ever okay?
In a relationship .. NO
But everything else sure

81) Are you mean?
A little, but its more Sarcastic mean

82) Can you keep white shoes clean?
I don't own just plain white shoes. Only Converse with white on them. But no. I never can keep them clean

84) Do you believe in true love?
Yeah, but I also believe that you can fall out of ture love

88) Do you like the outside?
Its .. alright sometimes

89) Are you currently bored? 
No. If I was a sim it would tell me I was currently amused

90) Do you wanna get married?

91) Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
Eh, I wouldn't know. I kinda find it cringy

92) Are you hungry?
Always. I just like things in my mouth

93) Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight?
No, Again Return to Questi... you get the point

94) What makes you happy?
I mean. I'm more content than Happy. Hanging out with my best friend is nice.

95) Would you change your name?
Yeah. I don't like my first name. Makes me sound Rachet 

96) Ever been to Alaska?

98) Do you watch the news?
Not really

99) What's your zodiac sign? 


100) Do you like Subway?
Yeah, They are pretty good.

101) Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?

tbh I can't remember the last person I kissed

102) Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
Umm this is awkward... like them back

105) Have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them?
YEAH all the time

106) Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
Yeah (102)

107) who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
Probably my dad, what kind of question is this

108) Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes? 
Yeah, I mean Its a huge turn off for me. I find it kinda gross and I don't want someone kissing my with smokers breath. NASTY

109) Who's the last person you had a deep conversation with?
Neil. The Barn Owner. We have deep convo's all the time

110) Favourite lyrics right now?
I don't have any specific Lyrics. I've been Listening to MISSIO for the past few days. Their style is pretty interesting!

111) Can you count to one million?
Yeah, If you gave me bit of time :I

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