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I have decided to open up a little business with help from my Art Class in school. We are able to make Custom Coffee mug's with
a special machine.
I made 2 the other day
Mianite Mug by NorthernMyth
WSM Horses Mug by NorthernMyth Banner Horses by NorthernMyth

They are £4 + around £3 for Postage if you live in the UK. Yeah they are a little expensive but that's because its a special printer with special ink and paper, which is really expensive. Plus you can get almost anything on it. Photo's, Writing, your own designs of anything. They are excellent Christmas Gifts. 

Wednesday is the day they are made (Printed).
Thursday - Monday they will be sent out.
So you should get them some time threw the week after you ordered (UK ONLY . If you are in the US Send me a note)

You Will of coarse have to send me your Address ect. (In A Note) or on the commission slip.

To Order Go to my Profile and Down to commissions, It's the top one  

What your Order Slip will look like:

Design : Link here
Quantity: 1 (Just at the moment)
To: Your name here
Address: (For example) 123 Pony Lane
Country : Scotland
Town: Dundee
Postcode: DD4 0yl

Or something similar ...
Comment for Other Questions :meow:
Thank you 
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TealMagpie Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Will these be open long? Id like to order a couple as gifts but would need time to draw up the designs 
NorthernMyth Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
There Open to the end of December , and then I don't know about next year Giggle  
TealMagpie Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
awesome! Ill send in the order form when i have my designs ready xD
NorthernMyth Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Okay dokie :happybounce: 
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November 11, 2014


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