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8 Facts ~ AU Alarik, Jindosh and Alvane

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 6:07 PM
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1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule four)
4. Post their avatars and write their characters' names next to them
5. No tag backs (I dare you)

AU Alarik by NorthernMyth
(This is for Upon the Shores, not SA)
1. Has two younger sisters

Has a dragon companion

In the Human-verse he would roughly be 6 feet 5 (one tall boi)

He's like 24 or something

Has been an Emir for just about a year

Has a son (or will have a son)

Dad was a dick, whats new

Mother is still alive, surprise

SA | Jindosh | Inventor by NorthernMyth

1. Has a gammy wing. Though he can fly with his self-invented wing brace

2. After the events of Chapter 5, His right leg was crushed. Has a matching prosthetic leg. Again design and built by him

3. Biological father is a Noble (Unknown Name)

4. Scar on his nose caused a metal plate smacking him in the face after a modified oil lamp exploded.

5. Has never been with a mare. Has never had any interest

6. His first love was a slave by the name of Jiro. At the moment, his whereabouts are unknown but Jin has knowledge that he is still a slave.

7. His wings are based on a Hawk, just on a less detailed scale

8. Jin is a stallion of science. When he isn't inventing new things, He's tinkering other items, researching stars and even creating potions.

SA | Alvane | Valkyrie by NorthernMyth

1. Her original hair colour is platinum blonde

2. Is to be married to Thane in the coming months

3. Prefers one-handed weapons. 
(So short sword over a long sword, crossbow over a normal bow and arrow)

4. She believes the only living relative she has is her Uncle but really she has a few Uncles, 
an Aunt, a Cousin or two and Grandfather etc. She has just never met them. (And probably wouldn't want to meet them)

5. If she was to have a child, she would be overly motherly and train them to be a fighter.

6. She has named her dagger Fang

7. Her short sword is named Nightshade

8. Her Uncle is part of the Bloody Flanks. Though this is an unknown fact to her.


Shifter-Princess Give me Shiya gdi

FaunaFawn I wanna know more about Evokar

Aliyska SA Blythe please :D 

horsefreek151 Conner

BluetheARPG Rickon of course

yawnsyawns Izumi

Doot-a-doi-toi-toi Ingrid!

catfynli uuuhhhhh so many, Luna

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