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Valac - FOR SALE by NorthernMyth Valac - FOR SALE by NorthernMyth

Open to offers but please be reasonable
Info change upon purpose is allowed. Design MUST Stay the same

Nicknames: Snow,  Grey
Meaning: Name of a demon described in the goetic grimoires the Lesser Key of Solomon
Breed: Southern Jaro  x Northern Rifle 
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Mate: Non
Love Interest: Non
Offspring: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Fertility: 42%

Bio: Valac is a very stubborn individual. He is strong headed and sometime seems selfish. He is very gods driven, and is somewhat enthusiastic towards stories. He can seem like a show off sometimes and will size up competition. He will stand tall when he feels threatened and pin back his ears. But he can be curious if it seems non threatening.

Though he has a thick skin, if he feels he’s being tossed aside by someone he has let his guard down to, he will not fight to keep them and that is mostly why he is a loaner and keeps to himself. He will protect what's his, whither that's another canine or his property.


Coat Colour: Black Tipped Sable (Graying) Isabella Pigment
Scars: Scar on right hind leg, 
Height: 71cm
Coat: Double-coat, Thin  - North Sea Coat
Musculature: 82%
Body: Sleek
Tail: Crooked Tip, Medium-Thin
Eyes: Light Green
Ears: Chipped left ear, Medium, Rounded
Muzzle: Roman , Square
Back Shape: Straight, shallow croup slope
Chest: Deep
Tuck-Up: Medium


Likes: The wet season, Rain, Thunderstorms, Water. Late nights
Dislikes: Being too hot or warm. Humid weather that including bugs.
Strengths: Works efficiently, Strategic, Well versed, Loyal
Weaknesses: Only does things on his term. Overly ambitious 
Fears: Being Left behind, Pushed aside.

I had the thought that he would possiably live just beyond Spirit Annag, past the water fall and a bit down river. Also the reason why he has a thinner coat as he doesn't need it.

Quick note that I know absolutely next to nothing about canine colours or genetics so don’t go biting my head of that I’m wrong. I know I goddamn am

MRT-Gwam Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
beautiful! :D
NorthernMyth Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thank you :heart:
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