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TLO |Vixen| Ref by NorthernMyth TLO |Vixen| Ref by NorthernMyth

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Name: Vixen (Vix for Short)

Age: 2 years
Height: 24"
Weight: 53lb
Likely ancestry: Boarder Collie x Golden Retriever x English Shepard  
Solo or Team?: Solo For now
Link to Residence: Looking..
Required daily water: 1200ml
Container: 0.6l / 600ml
Accessories: Handmade pack, Bungee Cord for front strap and old broken satchel held together and around Vix with 2 lead-ropes. Shaking recharging torch (Clips on side of pack) Craft knife for cutting up things like fabrics and tarps, skinning animals and cutting up meat 
Goal/Motivation: Exploring and possibly getting out this hell hole.

Bullet; Black Sarcastic - She uses it as a defense mechanism but will also use it in casual conversation.

Bullet; Black Challenging - Vix can be a handful sometimes, She doesn't like being wrong and doesn't like being righted either. If its not her way, then she will be in a mood with you.

Bullet; Black Daring - She will argue with a group of males just for the fun of it, she will even try and take there stuff. She will go into buildings even thought there caving in and loves trying different things.

Bullet; Black Sensitive - Though she puts up a hard front she isn't really that bad. I suggest not shouting at her or saying something bad or unkind to her.

Bullet; Black Crafty - She can squeeze into small spaces and s good at finding and hiding things.

Bullet; Red  Adaptive
Bullet; Blue Intelligent
Bullet; Yellow Loyal

Bullet; Red Sly
Bullet; Blue Childish (At times)
Bullet; Yellow Moody

Sound's Like -Candice Accola 
Theme Song -…
Plot Opportunities:

 Hunting ( Vix is a somewhat smallish dog as well as being light. But she does like to eat and prefers going after something bigger than something small like bats and birds. She would need someone to help her hunt and the other that help would get half of the kill)

A Buddy to annoy ( She is somewhat annoying at first but once you get to know her she is quite nice and is rather helpful

Roleplay Platforms: Google Docs , Forms 
Times Active: (I have a really bad sleep schedule)So message me And wait till i get back to you.

WhiteRiverRanch Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Ohhhh my gosh she is so pretty!!!! :love: husky/golden retriever was totally the look I was thinking of too for this group haha! Would it be okay with you if I maybe made my character a litter mate of hers?? :) That would be so amazing!!
NorthernMyth Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you Heart Yeah go ahead ,I wouldn't mind Meow :3 
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