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TDE | Application | Gunner | 90 by NorthernMyth TDE | Application | Gunner | 90 by NorthernMyth

My application for :icontheir-dark-eden:

ID: 90



Name: Gunner

Age: 7 years

D.O.B.: 20th March

Height: 29 inch

Gender: male

Breed: GSD  

Rank: Hawker

Voice reference : Jenson Ackles

Theme song: Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry (… )



Determined - Gunner is very determined, If he needs something he will find, If your hiding something
he will find out what it is. But his determination also has its downfalls. It distracts him from his work if
need be.

Brave - He is very brave and will protect himself and anyone he cares for. He would not hesitate to
butt heads with anyone if the offer came forth and no one was there to stop him.

Honest - Gunner hates lying/ liars. He wouldn’t lie to you unless it was for your own good and he would
hate himself for doing so. If you lie to him he may go for weeks without talking to you.

Impatient - He doesn’t like waiting around, he is a get up and go kind of dog and if means leaving you
behind he will. He is irritating and annoying when he is waiting.
Don’t make him wait!

Short Tempered - Don’t get on his nerves, you will just piss him off and you certainly don’t want a pissed
off Gunner. He will verbally hurt you(That’s why he is named Gunner)

Stubborn - If it ain’t his way then you ain’t doing it. He likes to be right until he is proven wrong and until
then he will keep his argument strong.

History: Gunner is an only child. His mother was a technician and his father a mask maker. When he was a pup his father would teach him to make and repair masks in hope he would become one himself. His mother would come by everyday to see him, though she couldn't stay long as she had to go back to work. When he became 6 months he had to choose what he wanted to do. When push came to shove he had decided on mask making. For 1 whole years he worked alongside his father until his father became ill and could no longer leave the house. His mother soon found it hard to walk on her own and was placed on a walker but soon became bed ridden herself. Gunner worked in the workshop until both his mother and father died. He decided to change, he always wanted to see the outside and was always good at finding things. He became an apprentice as a hawker. He picked up the skills quickly and felt comfortable with doing it. He decided to stick with it. He kept focused on his work for 4 years and now his journey continues ...


Mentally - Smart
Physically - Strong,  Fit


Mentally - Blind Hearing (When out in the field he will be so concentrated and fixated on something he will not hear you)
Physically - Large build , (Because of his breed) His back legs become weaker with age.

Relationships: Non currently

RP Example: The convoy stopped and posted up in one of the buildings on the edge of the city. Gunner wasted no time. He held his head low to the ground and began looking for items, he slowly made a distance between him and the convoy. He looked back at the outpost , “ Come on a little further “ he muttered to himself. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t to far but he could sense something around. He looked up to see an alleyway to his side.”It’s down there” whispering to himself. The ally was one way. The other end was blocked by a fence and a large wooden crate. Gunner began a steady gallop towards the box. With a big push off his back legs he hopped up onto of the crate. On top he found a set of blank dog tags. “Strange” he tilted his head and picked it up with his paw and placed it in his pack. He peeked over the fence to find another empty street. “alright, time to go back” making sure the pack was secure he hopped back of the box. On his landing he stood on a few shard of glass. Hopeing it was contaminated he pulled out a few rags and wrapped them round his paw. “That will have to do until we get back to the facility” Shaking his head in his own stupidity.

Their-Dark-Eden, app template (c) *Falconicide
Character design and art (C) Me IITheMythII 
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May 22, 2015
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