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Some Quite Ride by NorthernMyth Some Quite Ride by NorthernMyth
OMG TREE'S !!!! yep tree's XD 

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       Elena decided to take Lotty out on a hack to let her tension out, It had only been a week since she had been broken but she was completely secure with the right rider. Elena gazed at the sky thinking it looked a bit dark. She was going to take Lotty out any way. She got her tack and took her to the tying stall and tacked her up. Before heading out she told Ali she shouldn't be long. She decided to take Lotty up to Winchester Cottage and round by Gilbert River and then up the Abandoned tracks. Elena gathered her reins and set off for the cottage. Elena kept a light grip on Lotty's mouth, she had a habit to pull the reins out your hands if you where tight.

       Soon Elena and Lotty where passing the hay field and up Winchester Way. Elena pushed Lotty on, pressing her on a bit into a trot, she gave a little buck but nothing Elena couldn't handle. And all of a sudden it started spitting. Lotty broke out into a canter , and the rain got heavier and soon Lotty and Elena where soaking, Lotty was still cantering when Elena decided she get to the old Cottage and then turn round, but Lotty had other ideas, She got faster and wouldn't slow. In fact the more Elena pulled on the bit the faster Lotty got. The ground was all muddy and wet. Elena feared the worst . . .

Elena, Lotty 
by Me
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January 15, 2014
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