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SA | Thaio | Noble by NorthernMyth SA | Thaio | Noble by NorthernMyth

-Thaio -

"If you stand for nothing, What do you fall for"

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Name: Thaio Of House Soleil
Name meaning:
Age: 15 years
Gender: Male
Height: 14 hh to make 16hh
Breed: (Arabian x Knabstrupper) x (Andalusian)
Orientation: Bi Curious - No preference
Mate: None

Affiliation: Aodh
Noble House: Soleil
Rank: Noble - Aspiring Advisor

Talents: Mediator (LOCKED) Slight of Hoof (LOCKED)
Voice Actor: Cole Spouce - Playing Jughead
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Zodiac: Zesla
Personality Type: ESTJ - A

.:. Sly .:. Greedy .:. Argumentative .:. Stoic .:. Selfish .:. Polished .:. Brittle .:. Abrasive .:.

To his siblings, Thaio seems like a total jerk who wants nothing to do with you unless you have something he wants. He’s selfish to the point where he will do anything to get it. He has no consideration on anyone's feelings and has no shame in making his siblings upset at him. He likes the act of arguing with others, both his younger and older siblings, other noble colts his age or anyone willing to entertain him.

Thaio, Though he constantly hisses that he hates his siblings, he really holds them dearly. No one messes with them but him. That's his job and no one else's. Often in times of sadness, he seems to carry on, as usual, again his feelings shrouded away because he believes they make him seem weak and vulnerable.

Although he has no reason to be abrasive or serious, he tries to show that he’s mature towards adult so that they think highly of him. Mostly the Advisors, Ambassadors and other older nobles. He shows the most respect to his sibling who he calls “Full Bloods” Referring to his sibling's nobility. Commoners to him are the scum of Eithne, Only tolerating his sibling as they are blood. He holds his nose high above most, Slaves are even worse to him. Their only purpose is to serve their owners and no more. Though he is nonviolent to them, more bark than bite than anything towards his own. In recent to Ammy’s death the colt has been a little more distant and quiet but more determinant if you manage to see past his anger and disdain.


     Thaio was born in the early hours of nightfall, small but strong, holding close to his mother's side. Thaio was easily the smallest of Lilith’s foals. Soon falling back asleep. Exhausted from such a tiring ordeal.

    Upon his first few months, he grew and eagerly kept by my mother side. Understandable for a foal. Though the colt was adamant to stay with her as long as possible even after more of his siblings were born. Slowly after a year, he was pushed more towards his siblings Iscah and Rollo. Thaio eventually detaching from Lilith’s side. And began playing around with Rollo more, but found more joy in playing on his own. Though Iscah did pull him in for a tea party more than a few times.

By the time Thaio was 12 he attended the New Year's Ball with his family and abundance of siblings. There, Thaio was able to be a child again, dancing and actually being less prudish than his usual self. He thought It would be one of the happiest nights of his childhood. All of his siblings getting along. It all shattered within seconds and nothing could have stopped it. Before anyone realized what had happened the young king Alduin and his sister had been killed and blood spilled on the floor. Pooling around his mother's hooves. The next thing Thaio remembers was being dragged away by his father, Ron. The colt stood in shock and disbelief. Not sure what he was seeing was actually real. He attended his cousin’s wakes with a heavy heart. The colt showed no emotion, his heart split in two. Finally learning that this world wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and even on the best of days, a storm can overcast their lives. He mourned in his own way. Engulfing into his studies and hiding away, he would snap angrily at most, shrouding his feeling. Only making him seem more selfish and brittle.

Another two years passed quickly and it wasn’t long before his aunt passed. Thaio confided in his mother. She was just as upset as he was. Maybe even more. Thaio eventually fell asleep by his mother's side, both tear soaked and exhausted for endless crying. Among the wake Thaio stood by Lilith, his stone cold attitude keeping his face set in stone. No emotion. Holding his composure at her wake. Thaio believed his aunt's death could be blamed on heartbreak, broken by the slaughter of her children.The new year set off with a bang of course. Festivities brought the herd as a whole, together. But what was meant to be an event to lighten the spirits, ended in disaster. Thaio was there when the Vindicators attacked. Though he was separated from his family it wasn’t difficult to find a way out. He followed a group of nobles to safety and it wasn’t long before he was reunited with some sort of family member. He did have nightmares after these events transpired but they slowly dampened over the course of a few months. Though still gets the odd one now and again. He had begun to feel the curse of death looming over him. The colt kept to his ties though. Aiming to help his cousin, who had been crowned as king. Something even Thaio could see he wasn’t ready for, and probably never would be. The attack on the Crucible had enlightened him. He didn’t want to be just another Soleil kid. He wanted to help mold the city into something better. Something stronger. After persistent studies and research. The colt inched his way into the herd's politics. Shoving his hoof into the door of the herd's infrastructure. Keeping his ear to the wall. He sought advice from the advisors, some from his father Ron and other Nobles of the like. He began his very long road towards advisory. Aiming to aid his cousin and friend in leading Valore. He wanted to make the city stronger. The attacks in the past 3 years were an insult to the city, to the royalty, and the people within her borders. He felt like he had views to speak, to voice the herd's strength and power aloud. As well as to help guide Amadeus to finding his bearings. 

Not to Thaio’s surprise, his mother had another child. At first, he didn’t give much care. What's another sibling to him? Whispers from the help and slaves spoke out most of that night. The newborn filly blessed with scales of the holy lord, Ignacio. Little nubs for antlers protruding from her head. When Thaio first lay eyes on her he was in disbelief. This little filly, a kirin? Impossible. The teen attempted to dismay the possibility but the evidence was in front of his eyes and it chilled him to the bone. But it also enlightened hope for him and probably the rest of the herd. Though Thaio didn’t stick around for the ceremony, but went about his work, working on scrolls etc. He was later told of the incident which only infuriated him, Both on the harm done to Lilith and the scaring ordeal that Iggy went through. He wished to show his wrath upon Ember for what she had done but was shot down by Lilith. Of course, he did not agree with what her reasoning. Not in that moment anyway. Thaio soon became suspicious of Ember. Yes, an advisor but if Thaio had his way he’d have her tried for their stupidity.

    Upon the news of his cousin’s slaughter, Thaio lost it. The colt fell into a fit of rage and later crying himself to sleep. The wyvern incident didn’t even seem to phase him. He wasn’t seen for three days or so, only emerging from his chamber for Ammy’s wake. There the colt could be seen crying but keeping a stern but angry face. Obvious discomfort in his posture as he seemed to try and find someone to blame. Amadeus’ murder ripped Thaio’s heart out, stuck it with a fork and roasted in Ignacio's flame. At this point the teen is utterly bitter, swaying towards the distasteful side. He does keep his head down and work but he has begun to pick up the habit of toying with others emotions. He is honest to the point it hurts and he’s just not that nice to be around. He struggles to get close to anyone in fear they will be taken away from him. At present, Thaio continues his studies and works his way towards becoming an advisor in the distant future. Though is not sure in which path it will lead him. Not sure who is even to lead the throne.

Relationships -

Mom: Lilith 
Dad: Ron (Dead)

Full (To his knowledge)
Rollo (NPC)
Bentley (NPC)

Iscah (NPC)

Aunt: Solaris (Dead)

Cousins:  Amadeus (Dead), Marcellus (Dead), Alduin (Dead), Merrill
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