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SA| Mason | Vagabond - Mercenary by NorthernMyth SA| Mason | Vagabond - Mercenary by NorthernMyth

-. Mason .-

Out of the fire and into the fray

Name:          Mason
Age:              34
Gender:        Male
Height:         16.2
Species:       Unicorn
Breed:          Malapolski x Akhal Teke
Orientation: Bi (Preference to Mare)
Voice Actor: Tom Ellis

Affiliation:   Vagabonds
Rank:           Mercenary - Bounty Hunter
Patron God: Ignacio

Mate:            N/A
Family:         Keirian - Half Sister - Alive
                     Jana - Mother - Deceased (NPC)
                     Galyn - Father - Alive (NPC)

Astral Tracker:


.:. Justified .:. Arrogant .:. Eloquent .:. Disobedient .:. Sadistic .:. Seductive .:.

Mason always justifies his actions. He will never kill or hurt you unless you have done
something bad. Causing harm to another equine or stealing is enough to do so. He likes
the equivalent of “to take a life, your life must be given.” Stealing wise he will most
likely mark you.

Sometimes your bounty might just be keeping you alive.
Fairness is the rule he lives by and won’t be changing it any time soon. Bribing him most
likely isn’t an option.

Mason is a show-off for sure. Mares love him and it only feeds his ego more. He’s over
confident and likes the attention. Maybe a little too much. He believes he's super
important because he was born blessed, put on the world by Ignacio himself. Ambitious
in his attempt to prove himself to the powerful him

Being from Talori, he is well spoken, both fluent in writing and physically talking. He
comes across as charming and uses big words to make himself come across as
intelligent. His voice is smooth to comfort his company or to set unease in his foes.

Mason doesn’t take orders from no one, and most likely won’t obey orders given to
him. Most bounty missions he will decide on by himself without influence from
others. He finds it satisfying to disobey, each time it makes him feel warm.

Mason loves inflicting pain and causing suffering in the horses as long as it goes with his
justified rule. Scaring them to even humiliate them. Often making the cowardly of convict
cry and laughing at them as they sulk in mercy.

Mason has looks, intelligence and smooth talking on his side. It isn’t hard for him to
take a mare or stallion home. His voice comforts his suitors and makes them feel a
little more confident about themselves and making it easier for them to open up.


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