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SA | Lewis by NorthernMyth SA | Lewis by NorthernMyth

New  Changed his horn
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Lewis .-

"The path of the righteous man ..."
                                                - Ezekiel 25:17

Name: Lewis
Nickname: Lew , The Steel Hoof
Age:  21
Gender: Stallion
Height: 16hh
Species: Unicorn
Breed: Menorquín Baroque x American Paint
Orientation: Hetero
Voice Actor: Daniel Gillies
Coat Colour: Smokey Brown Tobiano

Affiliation: Talori
Rank: Guardian
Patron God: Cascade for the most part
Mate: Non
Mom | Alive
Brother | Alive
Astral Tracker:


.:. Overly Charismatic  .:. Angry .:. Cantankerous .:.
Standoffish .:. Compulsive .:. Gallant .:. Addictive Personality.:.

Overly Charismatic

Oh he’s a charmer alright. There has been more than once, he was been warned about flirting with mares. But he always tell himself, if you ain’t caught, then you’re not doing anything illegal. Either way he’s a bit of a smart-ass and appears to like the company of mares.

Angry & Cantankerous

For more reasons than one. Either because of his father leaving and not having a father figure to guide him, or not getting enough attention by his mother, He has grown to be angry, a lot. And Acting out always seems to leach to the surface. He picks fights and is easily ticked off. He doesn’t allow others to disrespect him, or anyone else for that matter. He finds it hard to control his temper and again has got him in a bunch of problems in the past.


Another one of his quirks is that he feels like a danger to anyone he’s close to. Resulting in trying to push them away. Driving them away anyway possible. He will lie about how he actually feels. “I love you, I never want to leave your side”  but what he actually said was “I lied to you. I wanted to make this worth your time but I’m not a good guy. I’m not someone you want to love”


His motives are undeniably compelling for sure. He can seem a bit pushy but he does respect others wishes. If you say no, he understands. Just don’t think he might take it out on himself later. He doesn’t mean to be pushy it’s just the way he is


He can act very heroic and brave. He isn’t afraid to fight and forgets about the consequences for the most part, but sometimes it takes not listening to win the battle. And sometimes all it takes is that one rebel to win the war. He is always gallenting towards the woman, of course, but guess that slides in with being confident towards them.

Addictive Personality

His anger brings a few other things to the table. He needs to get the rage out somehow and he does that by practicing with his fellow Guardians and over exercising. He doesn’t mean to do it of course he just forgets he’s not an endless supply of energy and lends up running himself into the ground.


Before Birth


Teen Years

Young Adult



-Has anger issues, so he act out a lot. Can be easily pissed off or seemed like he can be rubbed the wrong way-

-Has never experienced “love”. Only ever Lust but once he finds it, it will be hard to feel or understand for him-

-His horns and hooves are made out of steel. The reason behind one of his nicknames-

- His hooves act like shoes. So they are very strong and reliable. Just don’t be on the wrong end of them-
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