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"I'm only a name on the surface"

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Name: Jindosh
Age: 26
Gender: Stallion
Height: 15hh
Build: Appaloosa
Species: Pegasus
Orientation: Gay | Homosexual
Mate: Non

Affiliation: Aodh
Rank: Inventor - Commoner
Commoner House: Tenera
Patron God: Ignacio

Direct Family:
Aurona | Biological Mom | Dead
Amelia |Aunt (Adoptive Mom) | Alive
Father | Unknown


Talent: LOCKED
Blessing: LOCKED

Voice Actor: -
Chaotic Neutral
Zodiac: The Dragon
Personality Type: ENFP-A 

.: Confident :.: Ambitious :.: Witty :.: Submissive :.: Driven & Compulsive :.: Pendanic :.

He isn’t stuck up his own arse of anything. More like he isn’t quiet and loves a good conversation. He will talk for hours as long as there is Tea. Jin finds it easy to walk up to strangers a just get to know them. He has zero stage fright and once he’s up there it's hard to get him off. He’s not afraid to show his colours and prefers a good laugh over status.

He sets the bar high. He aims to please himself and everyone around him. He wants everyone to know his name and to know what he does for a living. He is eager to please even if he has to jump through hoops.

Jin likes to make others laugh and smile. Whether it be sarcastically or humorously, he will try to lighten stressful moods and situations, though sometimes it can be misplaced and almost teasing. He typically doesn’t intend to be mean and will usually apologize profusely if character shows discomfort.

Jin is the type of guy to be the more submissive try in a relationship. He is easily obedient to those who are above him and will usually back out of an argument even if he is right.

& Compulsive
Jindosh finds it easy to become passionate about his work, so much so he loses track of time and other train of thought. There has been days where he has simply forgotten to eat or drink and sometimes sleep. Missed meetings or herd gathering and been late for so much more. He finds it hard to just to do nothing, enjoy a day off by himself.

Jin likes to be very exact with his work, even the smallest details are easy enough to set him off or sometimes it can make him restart entirely. It’s painstaking and an irritant to say the least but in his line of work, you have to be precise.

    Jindosh was brought into this world out of sheer selfishness. His mother, Aurona was the result of a Noble Mare and an affair with a Commoner Stallion. The filly was born with wings and not horns like her mother and supposed father. Aurona was burdened with the rank of a commoner. Though she was treated no differently from her older sister.

By the time she was 17 she became a Courtesan. It was of course hidden from her parents as she knew they wouldn’t have approved. A year and a half later she had met a charming Noble Stallion. At first he was just a client. But they both spent quite some time together and Aurona fell for him. She was obviously smitten but with him being a noble, things weren’t destined to work out. But Aurona was somewhat not ready to give up quite yet. Within a few months, she had schemed a plan. She planned to get herself pregnant by her lover, baby trapping him. For the most part, It worked but after she told the stallion he got angry and left. Leaving a very stupid, pregnant mare alone.

3 months later the young mare went into labor with the foal. But something was obviously not right. The mare struggled with a medic and her mother by her side and a few hours later Jin entered the world. He was quickly whisked away from her. He was like her. Blessed with wings and feathers. Aurona, died due to complications.

Aurona’s half sister, Amelia decided to keep the boy and raise him as her own, rather than him being sent off to an orphanage. She herself couldn’t physically have kindling so he was the next best thing. Jindosh grew up in his aunties small villa along side his grandmother. The colt was over excitable for sure but it filled Amelia’s heart with glee to see Jindosh so happy and innocent. When Jin became 9 his aunt taught him to fly, or well tried to and then paid a chevalier to teach him.

    Near the start of Jindosh’s teenage years, his grandmother bought a servile slave named Jiro. The slave was just a little older than Jin and at first, the two appeared to hate one another. Jiro was, of course, a rather moody teen, whereas Jindosh just wanted to be friends. Upon their first meeting, Jiro snapped at a rather happy, excitable Jin. The winged colt obviously confused and a little annoyed at the rude introduction. The new slave was scolded and blamed his fault on the younger colt. 

For a few months barely a word was said between the two. Until one day they were both outside in the courtyard of the villa. Jin was playing with a ball, kicking it and throwing it around. The slave stood off to the side watching Jindosh muck around with the round object. Jin obviously noticed him and tossed the ball his way. With it ending up just in front of Jiro’s feet. Jiro gazed down at the ball and back up at Jin, not sure what to do with it. The slave nudged the ball back towards Jindosh with his muzzle and Jin returning the ball back him with a swift back kick. Soon the two played together unconditionally, giggling and shouting could be heard from over the walls of the villa’s courtyard.

Jindosh and Jiro soon became close, almost like brothers. The two seemed inseparable if it wasn’t for Jin’s grandmother needing Jiro’s assistance every now and then. The two began sneaking out at night, joining in on the nighttime escapades around the city with the scoundrels and street kids, blending in so to speak and just causing trouble where they went. By the age of 16 the two had became closer with the night adventures, they were less like friends more like … something else. It could be noticed by the incessant teasing and annoyance between one another. The constant bombarding between personal space and challenging tones of voice.

    It wasn’t until one fateful night, the two had come across an unguarded stockpile of rum and other alcohols at the back end of a Valore club or unsuspected casino. Of course, the pair grabbed a few bottles and ran off before anyone caught them. They quickly ran to the roof tops of the city to drink away their spoils of war. The two joked around, half pissed, rolling around on some straw. Again giggling like little school fillies as they wrestled and play fought. Bullying one another, to see who could be king of the dog pile. Jin gave up easily just to please Jiro. A smile stretched across his face before he yelled out “HA, I beat you”. Jindosh just smiled back at him, he was glad to see the slave happy. There was a moment of silence as they just both stared into one another's eyes. Jiro moved over and lay next to Jindosh. Both looked up at the stars. Watching as they shimmered over the city. Jin moved closer to Jiro, burying himself into the slave's chest, still tipsy but now beginning to feel tired. Next thing Jin remembered was waking up to the sun soaking his back and shouting. A Chevalier had caught the two sleeping upon the building surrounded by empty bottles of booze. The two now hung-over colts jumped to their feet, quickly fleeing from the older dappled grey stallion. Though with the exit now blocked the only option was to jump the rooftops. The colts swiftly leapt across to the next building with the Chevalier close behind. If they were caught. They would had been stridden back home and punished for being somewhere they shouldn’t have been. The chase carried on for a few block, running from the Gilded Bridge into the Commoner District. The colts were getting away until Jindosh miss-judged the clearing to the next building. He leaped from the ledge but slammed the top half of his body on the edge of the roof, struggling to hold on. He then fell 14 feet from the building to the ground. There was an audible crunch and scream come from the alleyway below. Jiro ran back to the place where Jindosh had fallen. The chevalier caught up to the boys but quickly noticed what was wrong.
Jin had landed on his right wing, breaking it in the process. Jin could be heard sobbing in pain but struggling to get his feet. Jiro and the other stallion made his way down to the alleyway below to try and help him. Jiro got him to his feet, Jin burying himself into the colts side, still sobbing. The chevalier stood there, not sure what to do. Jiro shot him a daring look.

Do you boys have somewhere you should be, a house, orphanage?

Jindosh began to stutter between his tears “H-h-home !

The Chevalier raised an eyebrow and cocked an ear “Lead the way.

The boys walked on, Jiro trying to calm down the spotted colt who was now dragging his wing by his side, and with the Chevalier following behind. Though he seemed a bit confused when the boys entered the noble district and led him into one of the villa’s. The boys walked in the front door where another slave stood cleaning away. The mare quickly ran to the boy's side and carted him off through the mannor. Leaving Jiro and the Chevalier at the door. Jindosh’s Grandmother trotted down the steps to ask what had happened. Jiro looked sheepishly away and the grey could see his discomfort. Though instead of telling the truth, the Chevalier quickly made up a story hoping the scary looking mare would buy his bullshit. And he guessed she did because she nodded and thanked the grey for his services.

    Jindosh was put on house rest until his wing set properly, It wasn’t too much bother for him. But Jiro couldn’t sit still. Jin was amused by his discomfort. He could easily go outside and do something else but he’d rather stay by Jindosh’s side. Jin finally had his wing cast removed after 2, almost 3 long months. Though it was easily noticeable that the wing would never be the same again and that he may struggle to fly again.

By his 17th birthday, Jindosh had found a knack for making little things here and there. Improving things around the Villa and making generally useful things. Jiro encouraged him of course and helped him anyway he could. The two had become intimate. Though both agree not to say a word to anyone about it. Again because Jindosh’s Grandmother would not approve. But technically they were together.

Jindosh’s grandmother eventually found out about them. And Jiro was sold shortly after. Both boys were heart broken and on the day before Jiro was sold, Jin snuck him outta the Villa one more time so they both could spend time together. After that Jin carried on with his work inventing things. Eventually moving out of his aunties villa and into his own house in the commoner district, A place with a workshop and working space to carry on his work. Not long after Jin moved out, his grandmother passed in her sleep. Jin wasn’t much for hate but his grandmother, in his eyes, was some sort of evil. And was glad the old spiteful witch was gone.

For a while, Jindosh experienced life at its fullest. Going to Casinos, drinking ect. Picking up the odd one night stand. Working the day away, eventually getting lost in his work. Tinkering with things, taking them apart just to see how they tick so to speak. He got used to the life pretty quickly. Making crystal shards from the odd invention or two and more from fixing things for other equines.

He wishes to go forth and get his name out there, let his hooves take him where they may.

- Scars on his face and left side of his neck were from an invention exploding. Shrapnel hitting him.
-- Needs a wing brace on his right to fly properly, something he invented himself. Made out of gold plated iron and mechanical components.
Jin also invents and fixes functioning things. Basically anything with a functioning/mechanical parts to it. And other things such as goggles, detachable shoes, tattoo pens, mobility gear and more complex cross-bows.

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