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Alvane of Clan Nightbloom

"I am not afraid of death, I'm afraid of dying alone"

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Name: Alvane Nightbloom (Al-Van-ey)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Build: Connemara x Cob
Species: Common Horse
Height: 14.3hh
Orientation: Bisexual

Herd: Warfordged
Rank/Occupation: Valkyrie
Mate: -betrothed to Thane Bragg-
Location: Warlords Fortress
Patron God: Alya and Kaia

Blessing: Sonic Voice || Unknown
Talents: Weapons Master || Shadow Hoof (LOCKED)
Personality Type:



Voice & Human Form

Voice Claim:
Face Claim: Emily Rudd


 Adventurous - Independent - Hardworking - Distant - Indecisive - Careless - Jealous

She is always willing to take the risk. Living on the edge is her style and she is never scared to do something different. She is very bold in
her actions, even if that means disobeying orders and doing what she thinks is right.

Alvane likes to do things without help, She can definitely hold her own in an argument and doesn’t like asking for help even if needed. She
believes she is decent in fighting and sometimes takes matters into her own hands.

She loves her job as it allows her to travel around Onea freely and has her up and around. She mostly stays in the farmlands as she feels 
they need her most. And can easily direct merchants and other visitors that may pass through.

This has more to do with relationship’s
Once she feels that the relationship is getting too serious, less in the way of cuddles and more let's get married sort of deal, she will try to 
distance herself from said mare or stallion. Usually ending said relationship. Although she does love said partner, she is scared of being left 
behind or pushed aside. She just doesn't want to get hurt.

She honestly is the worst person on deciding things.
And should never be left with the deciding vote.

“Food ?” “ Yes” “Okay what do you want to eat ?” Ummm … Yes”

She finds it hard and is just kind of prefers to roll with it and see what happens, and most horses will get annoyed by this.

She can sometimes be careless in her actions, especially with her own and others safety. She can sometimes jump into things head first and
not think of the consequences that will come after. She often finds herself deviating from the task at hand, though it’s not intentional …
Honest .

She can sometimes become jealous when others get what she want or show off in front of her, she often finds herself getting heated over the
simplest of things but she will never confront anyone about it and usually sorts it in her own way.


Whats it got to do with you? Why do you wanna know? *sigh* Well if you must…

I was born to two common horses in Onea. Percy, my father. He is a Black Forest Horse. My mother, Grace, a Connemara. He was a Scout and she was a Travelling Merchant. After I was born It was mostly dad that looked after me as mom was … traveling. Selling whatever it was to earn crystal shards for us. Dad worked as well of course and when he was out Uncle would look after me. Well, when he wasn’t traveling. I liked Uncle, I loved hearing his stories about his travels all over Hireath. He was my father's older brother. He was more weathered than father, his mane was a little more tangled and unkempt, his hooves chipped and worn. Though he was only 5 years older than dad.

When I was 7 mom didn’t come home when she was meant to, in fact she didn’t come home at all. It was unknown to us what had become of her but father put it in his head that she was just lost. That she would find her way back and she would return to us. But she never did. After that dad was somewhat controlling. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house so I was left to read books or paint or draw etc. I must have read all my books about 3 or 4 times. Day by day I could see father becoming less and less happy. He had put his hopes up for mother coming back home. Waiting for something that would never come.

When I was 9, Uncle had come back from his travels, he took me to the market. It was there I saw my first Raiders. They were standing just off the side of the small market. Two stallions stood proudly. Carrying swords at their sides. Though they were a lot bigger than I ever thought they would be but they were very beautiful as well as strong looking. I was aspired to be like them, more like Hira. They seemed so powerful. We soon returned home. Father wasn’t happy that Uncle had taken me out. I, to this day don’t even know why this was a problem to him, but I guess it was because he was scared I would go missing as well.

By the time I was 12 Uncle had taught me how to play with a sword, it was only after I begged him to, because I was so bored with my books and my room was covered in drawings and paintings. Of course, we hid it from father because apparently, I was a delicate flower made out of glass that would shatter if even a bit of dust touched it. But it was fun and I could feel myself becoming stronger and learning more each day.

I trained so hard, I wanted to be a Raider. Childish really now that I think of it, I can’t believe I thought I could be one. After I turned 14, I caught wind that Hira had came to the area. I was so sure she was looking for me. I even went outside with Father to walk about to greet her. We did see her. We spoke face to face with her. I was so sure she was coming for me but no. I told her I was so excited to become a Raider. But instead of having welcoming hooves, she simply looked me up and down and said I was too small and light to be a Raider…  and then walked away with her shields. I was so shocked and angry by this experience. After that father began teaching me about Scouts and what they did for the Warforged herd as a whole. I mean it was sorta odd. Father never really wanted me to do anything for a job. And apart from Raider, I never really thought about it. But I guess he figured I wouldn’t be good at much else. Uncle left again returning to his travels and exploration

For the next 3 years I shadowed him. We saw our fair amount of action but never fought ourselves, that was the Raiders job. Once I turned 18, father presented me to The Stone Circle and it was with them that made it official for me to become a Scout. I could now go places on my own, not be guided by Uncle or Father. I couldn’t be happierWell, I could but 3 years of shadowing and training wouldn’t be turned away by me.  Life was … normal again but now I could go on my own adventure and be independent. That's how it was for about year until Uncle decided it would be best for him to begin his travels again. It was rather odd, Uncle did leave for a year or two on end but he would come back, but for the past 7 years he hadn’t left. I thought it was because he was tiring and seen all there was to see. But both of us couldn’t stop him, he was his own man.

So Uncle left and again for another year it was quite. I worked away the days and the year had went quick. It was until I came home late one night to find the house dark. I at first thought dad had went to bed early but traveling upstairs and finding his room empty and his bed still made, I began to question things. I checked the house over but to no avail, father wasn’t here. It wasn’t until I took a seat at the old oak dining table I found his note, written in fine writing on the envelop read my name “Alvane”. Tears beaded from my eyes in disbelief as I un-creased the paper and inside wrote:

“My dearest daughter Alvane

I want you to know that I love you. Even if it didn’t seem it at times. It was hard for me to raise you alone as you must know.

You are my greatest accomplishment, but now I must leave to look for Grace, your mother .. Or at least find answers for myself. For us.
You are strong and I know you can take care of yourself now

I will perhaps return one day, or maybe not at all

Again I love you … Always
Dad ”

At first, I didn’t know what to think. I slumped into a bubbling mess. Now alone, First abandoned by my mother and now father. Yes, I know another girl with abandonment issues, how common. After a few months to sort myself out, I kept to myself per usual. Talking to the odd Scout or Raider every now and again. Usually coming home, having something to eat and going to bed. To then restart the day. Life was … boring. Stuck in a loop of the same shit different day. It was until the Stone Circle sent me down the farmland way. They just needed someone to go check if everything was going to plan. And which I did, a few hours travel down the mountain didn’t hurt after all. 

And once reaching the farmland, everything was of course in order. I took my time patrolling the area but nothing suspicious though, this area seemed more peaceful and the farmers and herders were nice. The day was uneventful but on my return home, The Stone Circle again requested me. The meeting was quick and was simply to see how the day had gone and to give me the information that I would be scouting that area more often.

I was somewhat happy about that.
And that was my life up until now.
Now please, I’d like to get back to work thank you.

Relations || Star Tracker


Grace (Riverlight) Nightbloom (NPC)
Biological Mother, Dead, Retired Warforged Scout, Traveling Merchant

Percy Nightbloom (NPC)
"Father", Missing, Retired Warforged Raider, Scout

⋄Ragus Nightbloom (NPC)
Biological Father "Uncle", Alive, Secret Bloody Flanks Raider


Thane Bragg || (NPC)
Betrothed fiancé, Alive, Traveling Merchant

Wrenly Lorcan || fallenraen
Sister Wife/ Friend, Alive, Scout

Starla Bell || MistTheElf
Sister Wife, Alive, Merchant

Arrick Bragg || loveboxer123
Step-Child, Alive, Scout


Theme Song:

"Varien - Valkyrie"

being a badass
her toys (weapons)
camping & the wilderness
sitting in front of the fire

being told she can't do something
being talked down to
others touching her stuff

WF Veiws And Opinions

Clan Background
-coming soon-

Accessories and Weapons
(Lowest CS to Highest CS)

Pelt (Herd Item)
Flask (Herd Item)
Horseshoes (Herd Item)
Dagger (Rank Item)
Cloak (Birthday Item)

Throwing Knives
Hairdye [COLD]
Steel Short Sword 

Main Outfit

Pronunciation: (Za-f-ear)
Species: Grey Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years old

November 9th 1677


:new:Rank Change - June 7th 2018 :new:

Fullbody Art Updated - January 2018
Description Format Updated + Basic Info Added - October 17th 2017
Blessing Bauble Added - September 28th 2017
New Items Added - September 28th 2017
Blessing Obtained - April 22 2017
Accepted Febuary 2017
Submitted August 13th 2016

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