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Alarik of House Stone

"Strength isn't only body, but mind"

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Name: Alarik (Al-are-ik)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Build: Akhal-Teke Mix
Species: Common Horse
Height: 17.2hh
Orientation: Bi-Curious

Herd: Aodh
Rank/Occupation: Merchant
Mate: -non-
Location: Valore | Gilded Bridge
Patron God: Argus

Blessing: Telepathy|| Unknown
Talents: Familiar Whispering || Weapon Master (LOCKED)
Alignment: Neutral 
Zodiac: The Phoenix
Personality Type: INFJ



Voice & Human Form

Voice Claim:
Face Claim: 


.:. Compassionate .:. Painstaking .:. Quiet .:. Odd .:. Easily Discouraged .:. Soft .:.

Compassionate - Alarik is very compassionate with everyone and everything If you even act a little bit out of character he believes there is something wrong. He hates seeing anyone upset and will do his best to help out with your problem. He is always concerned that someone isn’t happy and will do his best to fix it.

Painstaking - He can be somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He could take hours to get it right. He is very thorough and takes great care to detail and simply enjoys doing it. He is never late to work and usually has everything in order. He honestly is awake from the crack of down trying to get things done, getting out the door before any other equine is even awake.

Quiet - Ever since his sister's disappearance he barely says anything, She really brought the best out in him. He doesn’t mean it in a rude way, he probably just isn’t too comfortable around you yet. Just give it a little time, and he’ll warm up to you. Basically, if you say Hi to him me may just smile at you. At work, he tries to talk to his customers a bit more. Usually wishing them a good day. But he is coming out of his shell a bit more.

Odd - Most find him rather odd because he doesn't talk much and likes his own company. When he does talk, he sometimes stutters and finds it hard to talk to new people. His silence sometimes makes it a bit awkward. He only wants to be accepted and have a few friends.

Easily Discouraged 
- Just try your best to not shoot him down, he more or less got his courage up to ask you to do something. He can easily be disheartened and might try to avoid you in the future.

Soft - He is sensitive and very caring, perhaps even too thoughtful sometimes. He is someone who wants so badly to help others that he neglect himself. He easily "gives in" to other people's wishes. For instance, you need that a new notebook but he's all out and it's time for him to go home. He will go fetch you a new one for sure.


Alarik was born late spring in the kingdom of Aodh to a young Commoner couple.  As a child, Alarik was friendly and bright although easily distracted and easily lost in his own thoughts. At the age of 3 his parents had a second child. A girl, her coat patched palomino. He has somewhat pushed aside, almost ignored completely. 

As he grew older he would often play with friends and got himself into all kinds of mischief. His parents didn’t take kindly to being humiliated too much and would often punish him by sending him to his room with nothing to eat almost every day. By the age of 10 he became under-weight, the other children would tease him about it, some days he wouldn’t even go out. His sister Blair, although only 7 would sneak food up to her room at meal time and would go into Alarik’s room at night to give him it. They became close and would play during the day and stay up late at night telling stories. 

As Alarik got a little older he would decide to stay indoors more, rather than go out, it was only until Blair would drag him out. If they were to meet anyone on the streets he would be blunt and let his sister do all the talking. Others brushed it off as being shy but it grew a thorn in his sister's side to see him like that.

At 13 he and his family went out to the Fire Festival. Alarik and Blair decided to part ways with their mother and father, and agreed to meet them in an hour. They made their way around the stands and cheered on at the competition. But the fun didn’t last long they had to make their way back to meet their mom and dad again but Alarik didn’t want to go so soon he stood and watched the competitors as his sister begged to go back.
He took no notice of her until he couldn't hear her anymore, he turned to look where she was standing last and guessed she went to meet mom and dad. He made his way back to them to find Blair wasn’t back yet. They began looking for her, yelling for her and looking everywhere. There was no sign of her anywhere. Weeks went by with no word about her. Alarik’s parents blamed him for her disappearance and that he should have gone with her. A month went by when there was news of a child being found. A few Chevaliers were out on patrol when they found “her”. But it wasn’t good news. They had found a body of a filly but she was too mangled to be identified. They agreed that it was Blair and the case was closed. Alarik never really spoke after that. He would only speak when he needed to and it was very rarely.
Over the next year, his mother and father would fight … a lot. Arguing to almost midnight sometimes. It would often end in his mother in tears and his father going out. Sometimes Alarik wouldn’t see his dad for days but when he did he would hit Alarik, push him around and yell at him.

When Alarik turned 16 his father left. He never came back. He and his mother rarely spoke to one another. At night she would bring home “company” and Alarik would be kicked out the house. 
One day Alarik decided to go outside to wander the streets. When walking down the street a shop caught his eye. It stored great swords and knives and all sorts of equipment. He could have stood there for hours looking at the things. Another equine came to his side, at first Alarik didn’t notice them, until they began speaking. They pointed out the way Alarik looked at the equipment. Alarik muttered how he would love to make stuff like that. A few minutes went passed and the equine spoke again. “How would you like to work for me ?” Alarik looked up at the equine and nodded. He made his way back home later in the day and went back to his room not saying anything as he walked in. Day by day he would help the Merchant as an assistant. He would be carrying things from place to place and learning their ways of work.

Just after his 17th birthday, Alarik decided to move out from his mom's place to a small one-room accommodation. His life was now moving forward without the burden of anyone. No longer being abused or hurt. His journey had just begun ...

In-Game History

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Relations || Star Tracker


⋄ Rullian | Father | (NPC)

⋄ Lieria | Mother | (NPC)

⋄ Blair | Sister | NorthernMyth


Shiya Ghealaich (Belle) | Best Friend| ShifterPrincessmoved 

 Einar | Best FriendKajeJackson 

Liri | Friend | FireBirdFalling

Raynon | Boss | NPC


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⋄ Books
⋄ Blanket Nests

⋄ Ignacio

House Background
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Accessories and Weapons
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Bridle (Free Herd Item)
Saddle Bags (Rank Item)
Bracers (Birthday Claim)
Talent Book (Free)
Lvl 1 Companion (20 CS)
Blessing (40 CS)

Name: Kigo
Pronunciation: (Ky-go)
Species: Domesticated Dog (Collie x Shepard x Husky mix)
Gender: Male
Age:6 Months

Kigo is mute. He can't bark, whine or even communicate through familiar whispering.

April 23rd 1682

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Submitted October 5 2015

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