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Land Map (WarStone Meadows) by NorthernMyth Land Map (WarStone Meadows) by NorthernMyth
Welcome to WarStone.
1. Main Yard

Large indoor "U" barn holding 20 stables,2 Tack rooms and 2 Feed Rooms and Hayloft storage Space
Indoor Riding Arena with Cushion Track Classic surface
Large Outdoor Cushion Track Classic Paddock
Large Outdoor Grass Paddock
Large Outdoor Grass XC Paddock 
Small Outdoor Rubber Paddock
Large Car Park 
Hay/ Straw Field
2 Medium Long Pastures
2 Large Pastures 

2. Justice House 
20 Bed Rooms (with 2 beds in each for show purposes) (All with Bathrooms)
6 additional Bathrooms
3 Kitchen's
1 Ball Room   
4 Front rooms 
2 Dining Area's 
Garage Parking (Under the house)

3. Justice Beach and XC Coarse 
Justice Beach is a small part of a sand beach of which all riders of Justice house can use almost at all times. It holds some hacking roots and a part of the XC track. The Tack follows from the yard round threw the forest by the beach and back round again. It Holds 14 jumps. and 3 Different roots to take.  

4. The Echoing Forest 
The Echoing Forest sits on the East Side of the land. In it holds an Old oak named the Whispering Echo. Legend said its been there from the dawn of time. The Echoing Forest holds a some hacking roots and is a really peaceful way to trek.

5. Poetic Meadow's
A beautiful large section of meadow, good for peace and quite if need be. also good for a walk or trekking. Has a small wild herd living in it somewhere.

6. Poet's River
A river that runs to the sea splitting Stone House from farm land.

Really been needing to get these out !! 
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