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Tango | Lead Mare | 8 Years

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Tango Mango
Breed: Dutch Warmblood x (Thoroughbred x Irish Draft)
Age: 8
Height: 15.3hh

Origin: Plains
Preferred Terrain: Plains, Forest, Mountains
Color: Chestnut
Geno: ee/Aa
Markings: Blaze, 3 Socks and 1 Pastern (back right)
Eyes: Brown
Other: Raw Diamond Necklace  -Admin Gift-


[Stong-Willed] [Wise] [Hot-Headed] [Mare-ish] [Bold]

Tango knows what she wants and when she wants it. There is no messing around with this mare. She will choose when she comes and goes and isn't afraid to stand her ground, even if she has to dig her hooves into the dirt and your dragging her by her tail with her kicking and screaming the whole way there.

Tang has seen alot in her time. She's experienced alot. Loss, Child-Birth, Pain, Anger and Love. She knows what she's doing 90% of the time and tries to guide those who need the guidance. She is quite lenient on herd members to let them experience life as it comes. For those who wish to leave her herd, she will happily let them do so. And will always promise them they can come back anytime they like if things don't work out or they find what they needed to do.

She is quick to become annoyed or irritated. Kinda like a mother with at least 4 bickering kids . Her patience is thin. She is sympathetic and trust all her herd to make the right dissensions but if you're going to take her kindness and hospitality for granted you'll be out on your rump. 

[Mare-ish] - probably bipolar
Most of the time Tang is moody. One minute she can be so angry she could spit nails the next she can be so sweet and kind that she could make sugar jealous. There is an in between of "I really don't care" and this is the more scary side of her.

Tango isn't scared to risk herself for her herd. They are her life and she promised to protect and look after everyone. She has a heart of a lion and mixed in with her mare-ish, hot-headed tempter it is really a force to wrecking with.


Tango is your typical chestnut mare. She can be sweet and nice but 7 out of 10 times you've caught her in a bad mood. She can seem irritated most of the time and might snap mistakenly at herd members (mostly younger horses and foals who are testing their boundaries). But in saying that, she is wise and has seen alot in just 8 years. They are stubborn but they mean good by it. Tango's herd think strongly of her and trust her instincts as she does of them.

Tango was born into a large herd in the plains and stayed there till she was 3 years of age. She left her birth herd after she fell in love with a neighboring lead stallions son, Atlas. The herds were in alliance and Tango's father, Drum approved of their relationship and they went off to make their own herd. Tango later had two foals over the course of 4 years to Atlas and they had built a strong but small herd together. In the summer of that year, the area the herd had claimed became engulfed in flames and many members of the herd were lost, Including Atlas and Tango's One and a Half year old son Karma. The few that survived scattered becoming herdless once again, leaving Tango alone.




Mares: 0
Foals: 0
Stallions: 0

References Used: Personal Images

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~ Starting Stats ~
Stamina: 2
Speed: 3
Strength: 1
Stealth: 4
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