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DI | Tango | RE - Below the Surface by NorthernMyth DI | Tango | RE - Below the Surface by NorthernMyth

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[Random Event]
Tango travels through the deep part of the forest, cautiously watching her surroundings. When suddenly, she falls through the floor! It's a sinkhole! Tango ends up a good 30 feet below the surface, only able to see the sky above. 

A) Call for help
B) Try to find your own way out
C) Accept your fate and travel deeper down the hole

.: Story :.

The birds chirped loudly throughout the summer forest. They were loud but easily blocked out. Tango lost herself in thought, keeping an even walking pace. The mare had kept moving for the past while. Still trying to get over the herd's separation … separation. A sigh escaped her mouth. It wasn’t a mutual separation, with around 70% of the herd either missing or confirmed dead. Tango stopped, her eyes closed and head lowered. The chestnut flopped down, laying up on her side. Rest was good. Perhaps it would put her mind at ease, for a little while anyway. Tango sat for a good 10 minutes. She was roughly dozing off before she felt the ground move under her. The mares wary tired eye sparked open again. Half expecting it to be a burrowing animal. Maybe she lay down over their exit hole. The mare stood up quickly. Only for the ground underneath her front left hoof to give way. She leaped back a little but her efforts came too late. The ground underfoot gave up holding her. The soil turning in on itself. The mare tumbling with it.

Tango squinted her eyes as she reopened them. The dust still settling. “Tsk” The noise escaped her mouth. She sat up abruptly, shaking her neck free of debris. Before attempting to stand up. Thankfully nothing was broken. Just a little bit of a sore shoulder. Tango’s eyes followed up the wall and to the now gaping hole in the surface. “Well doesn’t look like I’m getting back up that way” The mare pinned her ears. Taking a step out of the light, she looked around at the walls of the cave. Pacing deeper into the cavern

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BluetheARPG Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn, Tango, you one lucky girl.
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