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Bish I'm Fabulous !! by NorthernMyth Bish I'm Fabulous !! by NorthernMyth
2 year old Secret ^^  I'm Looking forward to training, showing and breeding him !! He is so handsome :P Ill update his ref soon hopefully.

As The sun set over WarStone-Meadows , The bird's flew home and the barn owl perched on the paddock roof, Ali and the other started collecting in the horses for the last day. As it came to the youngsters, It became more of a challenge. Promise caught easy but then Aragon decided to pick a fuss with Secret and eventually catching for a bucket of feed. Finally Secret , he thought he could be smart and put on a show. He pranced as the sunlight danced across his beautiful pale fur, he held and tossed his head high and his mane shimmered gold. He finally brought him self to the center of his paddock and bounced into 2 small rares. The other 2 seemed to nicker if to laugh and snort of glee. Secret walked up softly with his head low towards Ali, She placed his halter on and stroked his big face.

Secret by  HorsesLikeWow626 (Me)

Art by 
HorsesLikeWow626 (Me)
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June 5, 2014
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