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Beach Ride - RP by NorthernMyth Beach Ride - RP by NorthernMyth
Rp with DalRiataStables . Sorry I didn't know what your stable looked like :3

I decided to do mine in parts because its going to be massive so yeah :meow: this was only a quick sketch and I was having bother drawing the people so I just left them XD 

Ali collected Mumford's tack from the trailer and took it into the stables. There was a cooling breeze passing through the barn as the sun shone high in the summer sky. It was quiet for a Friday morning. Ali sat the tack in front of Mumford, she thought it would be good to take him because Elijah was off to Romania to visit some old friends. Ali patted Mumford on the neck . “It would be good for you to get out instead of being in that stuffy paddock” she spoke kindly to him. A familiar voice come from behind. 

Linda had already tacked up Eros, getting ready to just go on a round along the beach and over the hills. The stallion had too much energy and clearly needed to get rid off it all once in a while. She peeked her head out of the stall as she heard Ali's voice, smiling brightly at her. “You don’t wanna follow me then?” Eros did the same, peeking his head out, ears flicked forward as he saw the other horse. And as if agreeing with Linda he let off a loud whinny, making the girl scowl. “Yeah that was my ear thank you very much.” She brought the stallion out and looked at her. “So yes or no?” 

Ali turned round . “ Of course I do” She laughed , “ Where else could I go , you know the place better than anyone else.” She turned back round and picked up Mumford's gold and burgundy saddle cloth along with his black saddle and threw it over his back. She buckled up his girth loosely, but not to loose and strapped on his red breast plate. She slipped the bridle over his ears and buckled his flash of his grackle nose-band and throat lash. Ali finally did up his front burgundy brush boots and threw her hat on . “ Ready ! “ she called to Linda. And began to walk out the stable.

Linda had already moved out through the stable while Ali tacked up, knowing that getting up in the saddle could be mission impossible if Eros was in the mood for it. Something he also seemed to be so when Ali came out of the stable he was trotting around Linda in a circle while she just followed him with a loud sigh. Waiting him out was the best way and when he saw the other horse he stopped suddenly, blowing air through his nose and mouth, growing at least another 20 centimetres. Linda took advantage of the stallion being more interested in something else and quickly moved up in the saddle. When putting her weight in the saddle he snapped out of his trance and suddenly lifted up, as if saying that he wasn’t in the mood for this today. It was just a small buck and no problem for her to stay seated in the saddle. He always did this, she was used to it. “Stop it.” She said with a sigh, letting the stallion move around until Ali was done. “I was thinking of just letting him run so he can get some energy out. And maybe do a few jumps out by the beach if you want?”

Ali walked over to a mounting block , tightened up Mumford's girth and swung over her leg gently to the other side. “ Sure thing “ She nodded over to Linda, “It would be different for Mumford , He hasn't been out of the paddock for a while with Elijah woking him and all.” She checked his girth and headed over to them. He seemed calm for once but a bit stiff in his legs. She smiled to Linda “ Ready then” ? She teased.


DR Eros & Linda by DalRiataStables 

WSM Bad Blood & Ali by HorsesLikeWow626 

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