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And Down They Shall Stay by NorthernMyth And Down They Shall Stay by NorthernMyth
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The Rain Lashed Down Hitting Lotty's eyes, making it hard for her to see. The ground was muddy and slippery, Lotty tried to keep her balance but it was to much. Her hoof cough a rock causing her to fall over, the girth snapped throwing Elena and Lotty to the ground.


Lotty thrashed around and accidentally battering the girls head of a rock . She threw her self up and bolted heading up to the Gilbert River.

Elena : LOTTY NO !!

She ran as fast as she could, racing past the banks of the river. Suddenly she stopped. *Twig snaps* Lotty swung her head round to the direction of the noise. She stood quite, just staring. *Another Twig snaps from the other direction.  She burst back into a gallop heading up to Mountain Bends. The reins suddenly wrapped them self's around Lotty's legs causing her to trip once again. 2 men came out of the tree's chuckling and snarling.

Guy 1: Well that ain't no deer Dude
Guy 2: Of coarse not. What are we going to do now? 
Guy 1: Well its a mare , we cant take her, boss won't be happy.
Guy 2: So we just leave her here ?

Lotty thrashes around trying to get her self free scuffing her knees and hocks. They where bleeding and so was her muzzle and her neck. She stopped , she was to tired to fight. She was wet ,cold , dirty and sore. 

Guy 1: fine ill just put a bullet threw her head
Guy 2: NO NO NO !! She's someones horse they will be looking for her.
Guy 1: Ye and so where them stallions they where someones horses.
Guy 2 glares at Guy 1 strongly.

Guy 2: Ill untie her legs and we go back to the cabin, the poor thing doesn't have much will to fight.
Guy 1: Fine ...

The men untie Lotty's legs from the reins and go. 

Meanwhile back at WarStone.

Its quite, the horses grazing in the large lush pastures. The workers of WarStone are cleaning up.

Elijah: Hey Ali wheres Lotty and Elena ?
Ail: There out on a hack.
Elijah: What by themselves ?
Ali: Yes , come to think of it they have been out a little to long for my liking, especially because of the rain.
Elijah: Maybe you and Kai should take Aim and McFly up by the mountain pass.
Ali: What about you ? 
Elijah: Ill stay back in case she comes back.
Ali: Okay , KAI !! 
Kai: Yeah?
Ali: Go tack up Fly boy
Kai: Alright.

 Lotty, Elena,Ali, Elijah,Kai, Aim, Mcfly are all owned by Me
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