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Commission: Spannerr with background

And this is the second image for :iconihavenonick: , a picture of his OC Spannerr with some sort of.. contraption thing. Spannerr is an inventor, I am not.

Spannerr belongs to :iconihavenonick:

The background is green because I noticed most of the works he has of his character get very... brown. Very very brown. Lots of brown. So hey, have some green!
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That name... why? Shoulda just named him crescent wrench or adjustable wrench cause thats what it is lol But he could be british...
It's whatever your imagination desires, Bathwater. :)
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It looks like an engine with a prop. If the size of the prop is any sort of indication it's for some sea-fairing vehicle.
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it's called "Northern will stick some vaguely mechanical things together";)
I actually would have done better if I wasn't operating under the weird magic-steampunk-pony tech. I do know how to draw a car engine
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Well what is it supposed to do? It should be easier to figure out if know that.
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It doesn't DO anything. It's simply a bunch of stuff I drew to look a little like it might do something. The original sketch had it on runners :)
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So, it was a personal water-skiing machine?
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