Some Tattoos We Show and Others We Hide

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By northernfly

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Underneath our skin there is a network of tattoos
Tattoos of our pleasures, fears and what we lose.
We can wear them as badges, shields, or weapons,
Or keep them inside as if they never happened.

They are all the same though, and either way,
We cannot escape them, they are here to stay.
Though we may forgive we never truly forget,
And cling to the magic, the hurt, and regret.

We choose to flaunt them, or to conceal,
But never the less, they are viscerally real.
Some tattoos you show others you hide,
It’s all up to you, your shame and your pride.  

Well you turned out to be the first inspiration of the day. This poem is yours, since your own poetic line started it all
A simple poem inspired by an interesting conversation with The relevance and gravity of a simple line can be great inspiration, and I believe this is case in point. Talk to your fellow deviants, and you will find nearly constant inspiration. 
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Love this. So true! It also reminded me of Moana because of that guy with all the tattoos he gets from his adventures. 
DragonsChest's avatar
good food for thought...
northernfly's avatar
I think it is too:)
ShadowsofLight777's avatar
Mmmm...lovely metaphors <3
northernfly's avatar
A simple conversation did come out nicely in the end:) God bless DA!
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Excellent, make sure you direct any future 'deep meaningful one-liners' to me and we'll make a great team:)
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It reminded me of the saying: "Scars are tattoos with better stories."

It's true though, some we brandish, some we conceal. And to borrow a line from X: "And I can't tell which one is worse!"
northernfly's avatar
Mmmm that is very fitting. 
LaurenIpsome's avatar
I wrote a story about it once. In fact, the roomie and I had a conversation similar just the other day.

Some things are just best not said out loud, despite what a therapist might say about it. Sometimes, talking about it gives it "power," and you don't want that.
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Fine line between cathartic and carcinogenic right?  
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