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As I've actually logged in here for a change, I thought I'd just pop up a note to say what I've been up to and where to find me.

Anime North and the MLP Fair this summer were a blast.  It was great to meet some new collector friends and to get together with some old friends again.  I'm looking forward to heading out to the next con, even though I have no idea yet when that will be.  (Maybe not until G Anime in February?)

In the meantime, I've posted only a couple of things here on DA this summer.  But I am updating my blog every week.  A lot of the posts are dealing with customs and works-in-progress.  Please check it out:  www. NorthernElfpony @ blogspot . com.  If you need to get in touch, you can find me via the email address listed there, or I'm on the MLP Arena several times a week so you can drop me a PM there.

And as always, I am open for commissions!  :D


Current Work In Progress:

Customs: 5
Commissions: 1 potential
Gifts: 1
Sketches: 1

  • Listening to: the weird neighbours
  • Reading: The complete Brothers Grimm
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: with Ponies (as usual)
  • Eating: dinner
  • Drinking: don't mind if I do
I'm just back from Anime North, the huge and amazing convention that took place this weekend in Toronto.  If you haven't gone, you should.  I swear, there is literally something for everyone there from anime and manga to gaming, cosplay, gothic lolita, dolls, toys, writing advice, comics, and just about anything else in geekdom.  And this year, MLP was also a feature.

I put on two MLP themed panels - one on collecting the other on customizing.  I also participated in the "Ask the Experts" panel as the MLP "Expert" and the FIM panel hosted by the enthusiastic and talented DJ Midli.  I've got more info and pics about the whole thing on my blog at…

And of course, we now find ourselves a little over a month away from this year's MLP Fair in Rhode Island at the Hasbro headquarters!  To say I am looking forward to that weekend would be an understatement.  I will be clearing out some of my extra ponies and merchandise, as well as bringing several customs to sell.  There are lots of extra events going on at this year's con, like a tour of Hasbro, a movie viewing, and an ice cream social.  And of course I'm looking forward to seeing lots of my online friends again, and meeting some new ones.


I know several people at AN this past weekend picked up my card that has this DA address on it.  This is a great resource if you want to check out some of my older work.  However, as you'll quickly realize, I don't update my DA very often.  If you want to see my most recent customs and artwork, check out my blog at


Current Work In Progress:

Customs: 7
Commissions: 0
Gifts: 1
Sketches: 1

  • Listening to: TV
  • Reading: Scott Pilgrim and Tsubasa: Those With Wings
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: with Ponies (of course)
  • Eating: better
  • Drinking: probably will be after work tomorrow
Once again this year I'm off to the MLP Fair.  We're leaving in 10 days and I'm looking forward to it, now that things are getting finished.  I've just posted some new customs, many of which will be travelling to Kentucky with me and hopefully travelling home with someone else afterward.  I haven't posted my contest entry customs, though.  Those will wait until after the Fair.

I've also started a blog at .  I know, I know, I'm not so good at the updating.  But I'm using this blog as I would use a website, to promote my custom ponies and to show off what I've done in the past.  I'll also be posting a page showing which customs are for sale, and how to commission me for work.  Right now I'm posting several retrospective posts about how I got into customizing and about my early customs.  Eventually, I'll catch up to where I am today, and will start posting customs as I'm working on them / finishing them.  But I won't be posting all of my customs there, for that you'll have to come to my DA account.  The blog is still in the building stages, so please be patient.  With luck I'll have the whole thing up to date and running by September.

  • Reading: H. P. Lovecraft short story collection (eek)
  • Watching: my garden wilt - it's 40 degrees C
  • Playing: cats
  • Eating: not nearly enough chocolate
  • Drinking: water
Seeing as all my journal updates involve appolgies for not updating more frequently, I'm just not going to bother doing that anymore.  I'm slow.  I update twice a year, at best.  You know it.  I know it.  It's time to accept it and move on with our lives.

(Can you imagine if I wrote a blog?)  XD

Lucky for me, this update wasn't too painful as I'd taken quite a break from art between the last update and now.  Not that I haven't been creating, but there hasn't been much in the "finished pieces" category.  However, I am again ramping up for the MLP Fair (2010, in Kentucky this year) so I thought it best to update now, before I'm swamped in new work to share.  If all goes according to plan, I should arrive at the Fair with about 15 new pieces to show and sell.  With any luck, I may even get them posted here before I go!  We'll see how much of a race to the finish it is to get them all done in time.  The Fair is July 17th weekend, so there's still time.  But that's going to go by in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow will be spent almost entirely on customizing.  I'm looking forward to it.

  • Listening to: Hockey Night In Canada
  • Reading: Collected Short Stories of Oscar Wilde
  • Watching: Hockey Night In Canada
  • Playing: with ponies and paints
  • Eating: Girl Guide Cookies
  • Drinking: Wine
Hey, only 4 months since my last update, that's not bad.

Here we are less than a week before the annual MLP Fair and I've just posted the customs that I'll be bringing with me to sell (plus a few others.)  I only decided to go to the Fair in May, so it's been a rush to get them done in time, but I'm pretty happy with the batch.  I'm still working to finish my custom contest entry pony, but she'll be done before I go to bed tonight, one way or another.

I've also printed out a binder with ALL the pages of MLP customs that you see here to bring with me.  It's interesting to look back and see how my art has progressed over the years (you all know what that's like.)  I had a good idea of which pony was my first "professional" custom, but I was surprised to see how early on I'd done her.  I had in my head that I'd done many more customs before her, but in reality it was just that I'd been customizing slowly for many years.  After her, things really took off and I've started producing around 50 customs a year.  (That first "professional" job, it's Snow White Queen, my 26th custom.)



Commissions (art and customs): 1
Customs Swaps: 1
Gifts (art and customs): 5
Personal customs: 2
  • Listening to: alternative rock radio
  • Reading: The Court of the Air
  • Watching: nothing -- hockey's over until October
  • Playing: with ponies
  • Eating: whatever's in the fridge
  • Drinking: I wouldn't mind, yeah
Yes, because then it takes you all day to do it.

I should have made a new year's resolution to update my page more often.  But as I don't make new year's resolutions, I'll just have to do the best I can.

There are six months worth of new customs up now.  Enjoy.



Currently involved in:

Swaps: 2
Commissions: 1 pony and 1 artwork (of multiple pieces)
Gifts: 5
Personal customs: 1
  • Listening to: new U2
  • Reading: Dune (slowly) and a Poe anthology (quickly)
  • Watching: Hockey Day in Canada
  • Playing: with ideas
  • Eating: banana bread
  • Drinking: cola
As usual I've popped back in just long enough to dump my most recent customs before vanishing again.  Thanks to all those who have marked any of my works as their favourites.  I really do appreciate it and apologize for not thanking you all personally.

I've just moved into a new place at the beginning of the month, and we're still in the process of unpacking, organizing, and all that jazz.  It's a much nicer place though, and I've got space for my ponies and customs.  Haven't unpacked any ponies yet, but I do have two new customs in the works since I moved.

  • Listening to: my roommate talk to the cat
  • Reading: The Puppet Masters
  • Watching: my roommate flip channels
  • Playing: with boxes and boxes of stuff
  • Eating: chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Drinking: occasionally
Some business first.  If you look at my account at all regularly, then you know I'm not here often.  I'm afraid I just don't have time to reply to everyone who gives me a favourite or a watch.  I really do appreciate it, though.

Second, I'll be dumping quite a few custom ponies on here sometime before the end of June.  I'm busy making customs to sell at the MLP Fair right now, as well as starting on my custom entries for the Fair custom contest.

I'm not online much lately.  I've been busy with life.  I'm taking a year off of school because they are giving me a hard time with some stuff to do with my thesis and I'm fed up with dealing with it.

Instead I've been working part time retail.  I'm also looking at getting a part time job with a research company.  In the Fall I'll start looking for full time employment.  I might be able to get a position in the gov't, which would be nice because the pay is good.

I'm not sure right now if I'll go back to school after my year is up.  I haven't enjoyed it at all since starting my PhD.  I'm beginning to wonder if the universe has been trying to tell me to quit for the whole 6 years I've been here.  Maybe it's time I listened.

  • Listening to: A classic rock station
  • Reading: Children of Hurin by Tolkien
  • Watching: NHL playoffs
  • Playing: with ponies
  • Eating: lots of chocolate
  • Drinking: not nearly enough alcohol
OK, last summer I opened my DA account.  Eventually I put some artwork up there.  It's nice.

Six months ago it occurred to me that I could do customs that people might be interested in buying, but that I needed to start displaying these customs.  DA seemed an obvious choice of where to display them.

Three months ago I finally started uploading a few of my more recent customs to DA.

Two months ago I finally got around to cleaning all my older customs and taking pics of them to upload to DA (with the exception of one poor soul whose hair fell out....I'll get around to rehairing him again someday I'm sure).  I noticed that a lot of my older customs were showing some wear.  Well that's what you get for not sealing full repaints.  Sigh.

Now, finally, I have all but my three latest customs photographed, layouts done, and saved into the same folder.  Before I log off tonight all but the three latest chibis will be in my gallery!

Damn near killed me.

Please look at them.  Comment on them (here, on the Arena, wherever).  Ask if any are for sale (a few are).  Ask me to do a commission for you.  Most of all, enjoy them.

  • Listening to: Garbage: Garbage
  • Reading: "Doing Ethnographies" by Crang and Cook
  • Watching: nothing good
  • Playing: hooky
  • Eating: good cookin'
  • Drinking: water
OMG!  I've actually started adding custom MLPs to my gallery!  And a good thing too, since this is the only decent art I've been doing lately.  Now I've just got to get a sunny day and take new pics of some old customs.  My goal is to get all my existing customs posted before I finish custom #40 (I've got 35 done now and 5 on the go).
  • Listening to: MCR's Black Parade album
  • Reading: about methodology in religious studies (help)
  • Watching: not enough tv
  • Playing: Tricky SSX
  • Eating: not interested in eating ATM
  • Drinking: water
So here we are in 2008.  I've never been big on New Year's Eve (too many years in school have taught me to think of Labour Day as the beginning of a new year) so I'm not one for resolutions.  That said, I do hope that I'll be updating my account here more frequently.

Every year for the past four years I've created a manga for my four closest friends for Christmas.  This year was the last volume.  It was great fun to create, but it took up a lot of time (read: most of my spare time, starting in January and still ending up with a panic in December).  I've posted the cover and a few colour pages from the last volume here.  I'm still undecided about whether to post the whole thing.

In any case, with that done, my free time is my own again.  I got some Prismacolour markers for Christmas and I'm dying to really sit down and experiment with them.  I'm also focussing on MLP customs at the moment.  So if I ever get off my lazy ass and get new photos of them I'll be posting over thirty customs.

And, of course, there's still my thesis.  Yes, I'm still in school, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm fairly certain it's not a train.  2008 will mark the end of my academic career FINALLY!  Can you tell I'm excited?  I can't wait to see the back end of that.

  • Listening to: a radio station I don't like very much
  • Reading: Old Xmen comics
  • Watching: hockey
  • Playing: hooky
  • Eating: holiday chocolate
  • Drinking: bailey's
I just haven't had time to visit DA in the last month or so.  I have been too busy writing my PhD thesis to do much else, but in the last week or so everything else in my life has started to calm down so I've begun to try and manage things so my thesis and my art get balanced time.

What I've predominantly been working on are MLP customs.  I'm finally getting to a place where I feel competent making them, and hopefully I'll be able to make a few to sell at next years MLP Fair.  I'm also currently in two custom swaps on, so obviously those will take precedence.

I've also been busy getting ready for xmas.  This means starting in January.  For the last four years I've created an ongoing manga for my four best friends for xmas.  This is the last year of the story arc, so I'm really focussed on making it the best one so far.  BTW, these four friends and myself are the characters posted in all the Yet-To-Be-Named Team pictures.  Maybe I'll post the manga page by page when I'm done, though I shudder to think of showing off my paltry manga abilities from four years ago!  There are also a lot of in jokes and copyright infringements. ;)

So anyway, I am getting some art done, just not able to post any yet.  Hopefully soon I'll find the time for another big art dump.  In the meantime I'll just stare at my award winning Moondancer drawing (shameless plug!)

  • Listening to: The Open Door (Evanescence)
  • Reading: Moby Dick (very very slowly)
  • Watching: not a heck of a lot
  • Playing: hooky
  • Eating: too much cake
  • Drinking: not enough alcohol