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World of Warcraft Moongoddess tattoo

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The story:
Nemi gets inked by me. Something small, behind the ear. She is a silent and shy girl, who is very happy with her new tattoo.
She mentions that she wants a back-piece. The crest of the night elves from WoW......and i think "What a shame, its so square and blocky".
Well, time goes by, we talk a bit, and she ends up saying "Well, mainly, it has to be Moongoddess-like" we are talking. My mind starts running, but she is still running with the whole Crest-thing in her head. She shows up on the day of the tattoo, and i ask if i can try to just draw an idea on her. And she says "Sure".
So i draw this. Tadaa

Through this process, my skills have grown, and i am now ever more confident :)

Only a small touch-up to go, and then its all done and done.
The owner of the tattoo is [link] who seems like a very happy girl :)

This is, all dots, all freehand, except the 3 flower-of-life motifs in the circles. And it took 3 long sessions.
And yes, i feel like i have made something awesome :P

You can follow me here, and/or on facebook ([link])

And to answer the questions i get the most:
1: Im in Denmark, Europe.
2: Yes, i will be in the states, most likely in the fall.
3: Yes, i do accept design commissions, please inbox me, and i shall reply as best as i can, but please note, i dont work for free.

Thank you for looking :)
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your work is so beautiful
LilyD-Lua's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful, it's really amazing! Congratulations! :O
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Wow....very impressive.
A beautfiful work!
ichoosekia's avatar
My jaw :0 <--- 
Great art piece even though I'm a Rift kind of player (:
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Beautiful, excellent design.
i ended favouriting alot of your peices, but this one is my absolute fav. this awsome, and keep them coming :)
avihai-okenolo's avatar
This is amazing!!!
insanelemur's avatar
This is gorgeous!!
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I like this one :)
Whi-tt-ers's avatar
This is incredible.
ShotgunBambi's avatar
thats so beautiful!
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love this one!
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NorthernBlack's avatar
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wow! it's amazing!
You SHOULD feel like you made something awesome! And just sooooo beautiful!
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Oh wow, this is just great! :love:
I'm considering getting a tattoo as well, just a small one to start, but it's a scary thought to have something like this for your entire life, no matter how brilliant it looks. @_@
NorthernBlack's avatar
Done start small. Get serious, find a good artist, and get something decent-sized.
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This is stunning! Absolutely stunning!
meselo-de-puglio's avatar
finally, you fucking made it lml
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