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The Titan sleeve tattoo, finished.

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Well. Finally done with this part of him. I still need to finish the back, but that will happen soon enough. :)

And now, boys and girls. Dont copy, dont steal, get inspired, have awesome ink and give credit where credit is due, so when you share my work in other places, remember to link and add names.
Peter Walrus Madsen
Meatshop tattoo.
And we can be found and followed here:

And thank you all for the support you have given :)
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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1/160 second
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50 mm
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Apr 18, 2013, 4:30:46 PM
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O,K,  I am one outside the realm of tattoos.  Not an advocate neither but ones body is ones own yet please agree that I have a right to disagree with this.  It is difficult for me to comprehend why, or what kind of mind set is required to, in my opinion, desecrate ones body this way.  You have to know that in time this ink is going to fad requiring return to freshen it up and eventually that will no longer be possible.  As the human body declines untold things happen, I know, I am 73 and I hate how my flesh is wrinkeling up and sagging and etc.  So I wonder what these tatoos will look like.
    My disagreement with tattoos comes from my father.  He had several himself.  I came upon him one day at home while he was weeping (crying).  I quired as to why he was crying and he stuck his arms out and said "Never, ever do this to your body.  You will live to regret it as I regret mine"  Granted, some people will not.  I think the work is magnificent, but it would look just as fantastic on a canvas or otherwise.  I would say if you really desire such go the rout of henna.
    Please note I have shared this only as a point of view.  I think the work is outstanding but I believe that another canvas would be better served.  I am willing to entertain counter argument to this but please do not flame me for my position.  Flaming does no good and only intensifies the position.
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awesome sleeve i like tribal the patterns in this are complex but so clean and sharp
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I'm getting really inspired by this, the pattern and placement is just awesome
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Awesome tattoo love it
Very interesting work!
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because nothing less than epicness that's why
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Just to see the finished product is so amazing. Seeing the process from starting from scratch and now, is flabbergasting. The design, the skill involved, it's all amazing!!!!
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wow i love the tattoo but then ur turnd the hole photo into art awesome lol
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WOW! Very pretty. Just black ink? I'm hoping to get (a female version of) something like this in the future. Who knows!
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That. Is. Badass.
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How hard is it to do elbows? I would think it's a huge pain in the buttocks.

Awesome work!
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Amazing details. :)
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This is a beautiful piece of work!!! <3
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Holy mother of god that's awesome
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Oh wow so cool excellent job, tattoos forever man. ^_^
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So gorgeous!!
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