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Minoan squid and greek swastikas, pro photo

The greek swastika-project.
How to describe this......well.
First thing first. Its all hand drawn. This was before i got a stencil-machine, but i damn hell insisted on doing it, so i ended up drawing every bit. Argh. :)
The Squid is a minoan design, combined from different jugs, and no, its not a 9th arm, its actually its beak, and on jugs, it goes around the opening. Here, it goes around Jorgos neck
Its all dots, and it took a while :)
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Dec 15, 2012, 12:56:32 PM
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Love the overall design!
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That's just astounding! The squids and octopi are my favorites from the Minoan pottery designs. The way you positioned it on the shoulder is just perfect.'re the best tattoo artist that I ever saw. Better than Coop and any other.
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Thank you very much for the kind words :)
absolutely sick !!!!!! 
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first of all,this swastiga thing ist ancient greek design but nazist design !! the greek design called "meandros" and its diferent from greek design
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isnt* ancient
Totally incorrect. Swastika is a Indian motif probably of Indo-Iranian origin- "Aryan" so to speak- and it's name in Sanskrit means "It is good". Since it is of Aryan origin, the NSDAP and the Pre-Nazi Volkisch "Mystic" societies used it as symbol of Aryan Heritage¹.
Also, the Swastika, because of the possible Aryan migration through europe and asia, was adopted by many cultures around whole Europe and Asia. In Scandinavia and Germanic Countries, it was used and it's variation known as the "Sun Cross" was also used...always maintaining the same principles and meaning of their Hindu orign: 4 seasons, the Sun, life itself and all that is good. When it got into Balkans and Slavic territories, it switched it's style and appearance into many forms, but the most famous is the Slavic Kolovrat.
Of course, through it's journey across europe and asia, the Swastika changed it's name. Like you said, "Meandros" was it's Greek name, like "Fylflot" was it's Scandinavian name. But it is all all came from the frontier between ancient persia and ancient india.
¹-The Aryans were a "persian" tribe originated in the border between ancient India and ancient Persia. Around 1500 B.C. they started migrating, firtly to India, later they gone through ALL Europe and part of Asia. And that's why Hitler and the NSDAP called North Indians- see Savitri Devi as an example-, all europeans, Slavs and other peoples of aryan heritage as "Aryans". Truth is, Iran got it's name from the word Aryan...and the word Aryan, in ALL Vedic languages and their sucessors, like Hindi, means "Noble" or someone "higher".

Swastika doesn't mean Nazi. 45° clockwise inclined swastika inside a white circle inside a red background DOES means Nazi, but the Swastika and all related symbols are ethnic symbols from MANY cultures and nations.

Search about it on books or even's enlightening.
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THIS, sir, is what I call a good comment :)
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great the Ink and Light...
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Saw this on tumblr a while back, so glad to have found the artist
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This is absolutely beyond beautiful!! Great work! Truly inspired me to get a piece done with ancient Greek motif. <3
How much would you chrge to do this again?
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I wont do it again, i dont copy my work. I would do something in that style for 12-18.000Dkk. It all depends on size and complexity.
Hahaha I figured as much when I asked. Anyway, great art :)
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.. and here I find an actual squid :)
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Great job! Wow, talk about patience in both creation and application, very lovely. Now, for a tangent...

Technically this would be more reasonably considered a Mycenaean octopus. After the Mycenaean takeover of Crete c. 1400 BCE, the stylization of the octopus motif changed rapidly. During the period of Mycenaean occupation on Crete in the Third Citadel period, the octopus motif became more static and 'heraldic,' if you will, and the form lost much of its natural fluidity. This particular design is much more reminiscent of the 'Mycenaean' octopus of the latest centuries of the bronze age. In art books it's commonly described as looking as if it's being shocked by electricity, making it appear rigid. In my opinion the way they did the eyes almost confirms that sentiment... :p
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This is taken directly from a minioan jug in the historical museeum in Denmark. But i have seen hundreds by now, and some of them divert from the typical "Of the type and era" findings.
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i fucking love this tattoo...
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I didn't even need to see what it was named to know it was a Squid!! Epic.
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