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God of Fire tattoo

This takes the prize for insane tattoos i have done so far :)
Based on the nordic styles from the viking-age, combined with very contemporary ideas :)

Done by Peter, who can be found on the link below, and as Blackhandnomad on instagram :)
Ps. Find us here:
Find Peter here: 
And you can follow the Meatshop on Instagram by #Meatshoptattoo
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This tattoo looks incredible! I think even Hades is afraid to mess with this person lol. When I got a tattoo last year, it was incredibly painful for me from the needle, which is why I needed a good and effective tool, for example, a spray or ointment that would cope with such a task as relieving pain after a tattoo. This option for me was to appeal to because in this place there are many good options that are used by quite experienced tattoo artists

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Hello, I was wondering if you could please give me feedback on a video I made called maine coon if you wanna check it out.…

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This rather curious stange.
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One word for this: BEAST! :clap: :la:
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Wild that's all I can say
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Your work is fab! Pricing speaks for the quality so keep at it! :D
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I would love a tattoo like this, this is just to badass for words!
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This is CLEAN, crisp and clean like a Dishwashing Machine. What stands out to me the most is how the skin looks charred underneath, that effect alone makes this Pop. :nod:

This definitely deserves my patented "Thumbz Up" Award. Keep up the Vicious Work!!!!!:iconthumbsupplz::iconhappyfellaavatar:
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Thank you for the kind words.
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So how long have you been a Tattoo Artist?
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I get the impression that you were a natural the min you picked up the Ink Gun and got busy. :nod:
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Seems to be the case, i did not get much time to blunder about and do weird drawings, it was action and work from the start :)
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Like 2nd Nature. :nod:

Makes me wonder if you're a Old Tattoo Artist reincarnated. :laughing:
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Just stubborn and dedicated :)
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tat looks awesome i love meatshop's work and style. would get a tattoo there if i could choose any place in the world, such excellent work and the geometry of it is amazing, sleeves are AWEsome, second to none. i do amateur tattooing wish i could learn from experts like that.
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never seen a tattoo like this one. this is something completely new 
That is awesome..... Nice piece.
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