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Double ram tattoo, pro photo

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Tattoo by me, at
This design is based on a couple of nordic viking-age styles, and it took quite a while to do.
The rams themselves, are mainly Mammen-style, from Denmark. The pattern in the "cheekbones" and the like, are Borre-style from Norway.
The pattern is from the hilt of a viking-sword, and is interconnected all around the tattoo.
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awesome picture !!!
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Very intricate, beautiful to look at - appreciate it greatly
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That looks really great!
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outstanding work! 
I need an integrated nordic style tattoo design for upper body and I love your style. Are you interested taking a commission?
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We do take commissions. Write us an email at and we'll set you up. 
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That there, my friends, is a tattoo!
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So Amazing !
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c'est vraiment incroyable!
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This is a really beautiful design!
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This almost looks like the tribal tattoo of the highland tribes of northern luzon philippines. pretty Bad ass!
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Great detail!!
This is AMAZING!!!
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Nordic meets geometric. Beautifully done, keep it up :)
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