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ES Ralam 378

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Finally got this gorgeous girl a ref <3 Forvendir is up next <3

Name: ES Rålam 378
ID Number: #378
Nickname: Rally
Gender: Mare
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Age: 9 years
Height: 15'3 h
Color: Palomino Fawn
Genotype: ee/Aa/Cr/nFwn
Training: Western
Tack: None assigned

Complete gentle soul, Rally is easily overlooked because of her quiet demeanor, but certainly not her looks. A stunning palomino, she’s happy to become a part of the herd at NES. She will probably not be actively shown for a while, letting her enjoy the green grass a while.

Base Personality
Made using: Horse Personality Randomizer
The Giver: Any way I can help, I’ll do it.
Quirks 1
Sneezes a lot
Quirks 2
Follows you around like a dog
Worst Fear/Spook
Herd Mentality
The follower, don’t mind me!
Horse vs. Owner/Handler/Rider
Easy horse to be around
Favorite Treat
Sugar Cubes
If I could talk, my favorite saying would be
“The hillsss are aliiivee with the sound of….what?"



Sire: SDS Chickableau 104 (deceased)
Dam: Panthera 119

For Stud / Lease:

I am currently trying to organize her foals. I have no idea what slots were used and what slots were not. If you have a foal from her or know of any direct offspring that are not listed, please let me know! It’d be a great help.

1. Little Blue Jay 1348
2. Smoke on the Water 1558
3. SOS Harli 2015
4. Aureus Tempestatem 2261
5. Two Birds One Stone 2531
6. StillRaging - Unused?
7. iRideOn - Unused?
8. x Natjfer
9. Breezy-Park-Stables
10. TealMagpie


Potions: None at the moment


Link to Journal:

Association Points:

Nordanner points:
Total Points: Uncalculated 25?
Stars: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

SKG Ralam 378 by LVS-Nordanner (no foal design)

ES Rålam 378 and art © BrindleTail/NorthEast-Stables
Nordanner © Daneart
Image size
1783x1766px 2.64 MB
© 2013 - 2021 NorthEast-Stables
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Just to let you know, 9936 Swagalicious to the Max (one of Rally's descendants) is now officially Quality Blood, giving you an extra +2 lineage kaaring.
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Her new ref: [link]. ^^
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Hi :wave:

I was wondering if she was open for breeding? And what price you would consider selling one for? ^^

If not then that's fine! :hug:

~ Thanks :heart:
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I haven't usedy breeding to her yet- the picture is sketched though :)
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Thanks for letting me know!
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Okay, now I've used my spot ^^ [link]
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Sure! I saw the question mark and thought I would help XD
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Do you think I can get a slot to her as well ??
I can do art again ??
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I'm sorry I didn't give you a heads up first, I thought I did but now I realize I didn't. :XD: It's good to see my baby Ralam in good hands! If you ever sell her send me a note, will ya? :love:
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Hey! :D
I was planning on using my breeding to her with my Sherlock, what kind of breeding picture would you prefer? :)
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Headshot is fine! Thank you for the heads up!
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She's beautiful! Palomino fawns man... :heart:
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Bawww thank you <333 Yess for the win
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my smokie's mommy <33
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ohh myyy goddd this horse is amazing!
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Beauty girl! Next ref will be Forvendir's, can't wait!
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Yes!!! Working on his now!!
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Oh she is a beautiful looking girl :D The background is gorgeus too.
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You are very welcome ^_^ your herd have so many lovely horses.
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I love the use of purple with her light coat
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