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Bg Texture - wood

Here's a texture i've used quite a bit for backgrounds in html or flash.
If you put good use to it, please tell me about it ...
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Using it for an android project in school!
I'm planning on using it in a game perfect for the background image
I used it for my personal business website. I will link when finished. 
Thank you for letting us use your picture. We used it for this page:
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I used this for a chess game I wrote!…
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Several recoloured versions of this texture are the main textures for almost all objects in my game Cello Fortress:……
(Cello Fortress is a really weird game: it's a live performance in which a cellist controls the game by playing cello, and plays against players from the audience who play with normal game controllers.)

Thanks for the great texture! :)
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Im using this texture for a game.
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I use it fo my Riding Stable. pic will follow, thank you
I am going to use it for building a digital mask so it looks like I am filming from inside a Cuckoo clock
I made a bedside table in blender 3D using this texture.
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Hello! I used this texture here!
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I didn't use it until now but I intend to
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used it for a bookshelf
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used it for an elevator screen thing
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Used it as a texture for a new desk project that im working on for myself
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Going to use it on a bigger piece I'm working on. Lot's of wood in that house... I'll link it when (if) it get's finished.

EDIT: Here's the link. It's not the whole piece and I might use your texture on other parts, too, but just in case you want to see it already... :)
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Nice texture :) I used it here
used it for rendering
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