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Island Flight

By Norski
Getting there isn't necessarily half the fun, the Lemming writes. It is, however, an essential prerequisite to arrival: so the traveler may as well relax and enjoy the process.
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I really like this scene it has that beginning or continuing on an adventure feel. Also the island in the background gives a feeling of mystery. I think it should be slightly darker in background though if the light is hitting the back of the balloon at that angle it should be lower in the sky either rising or lowering. Judging form the position I say about two to three o clock either am or pm. I think a slightly darker blue near the land in both sky and water would help give this picture more death. Otherwise if the island is supposed to be surrounded in mist the mist should spread in a slight semi circle fashion away from the island getting slightly darker in color near the island and lighter as it get farther away from the island. Even still it a great picture. 
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Thank you for taking time to review this image.

The feeling of mystery is pretty much what I was trying for, and/or "... that beginning or continuing on an adventure...."1

About lighting - the sun is about 33 degrees above the horizon, so your estimate of the time of day is good.

I tend to agree about colors - - - what you said reminded me of Arnold Böcklin's Die Toteninsel/Isle of the Dead. (… )