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Join the Patrol, see the universe: and do inventory.

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Love those liens of perspective. What exactly is at the very end of the corridor?
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Thanks! There's a sort of guardroom at the end of the corridor: a place where folks like this chap check in before counting how many crates of tongue depressors are on hand, or whatever is stored here.
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Norski, Will you set me straight? Are you writing AND illustrating these stories?I this an extension of your job? A personal projects? You come up with some pretty interesting scenarios and illustrations.
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Good questions, LocationCreator: and thank you!

These images are all personal projects - using 3D models I've collected over the years. I hope, eventually, to sell posters, greeting cards, or whatever, through - - - but I won't dignify my ambition by calling it a "job." Not yet, anyway.

As for the stories - - - they don't exist yet, except as sketchy outlines. In the fictional universe where my Apathetic Lemming lives, the science fictions ones are mostly from Baum Media Productions ("If You See the Bee, You Know it's a Baum").

The vast bulk of my writing is non-fiction blog posts on A Catholic Citizen in America, another blog I have. Writing fiction is another of my ambitions - which has been curiously difficult to realize.

The fantasy illustrations - they're set in my 'Castle Dampthorn' world, and an effort to find my way around in it to the point where I'd have viable 'story material.'

Thanks for reminding me that these illustrations *could* be used with their so-far-unwritten stories. This may be the push I need to get me started. Then again, maybe not. ;)