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Hangar 7

Looks like it's going to be another long night: with no company apart from the maintenance bot.

This scene is in Nightshift3D's Sci-Fi Hangar. Inside are Serrge's PPU - T2000 and SRB 800, Stonemason/Stefan Morrell's Sci-Fi Crates 'N Cylinders, 3dwizard's Star Brigade - Total Package, Wedge Cut 2.0 and figure by DAZ.

I tweaked several of the surface textures, particularly Serrge's and Stonemason's. The original textures for both are fine: but I had something specific in mind for this scene. As usual, I did my own lighting and 'camera work.'

An 'old school' approach to a scene like this might have included red 'night lighting,' of the sort used to preserve dark adaptation (Accelerating dark adaptation in  humans, Red Lights and Lenses; Wikipedia)

(CAUTION! Geeky content ahead)

Since this scene is set in the near(ish) future, I decided that whoever designed Hangar 7 used a new wrinkle that's catching on among amateur astronomers.

Turns out, red lights and red-filter goggles *do* help keep the blue- and green- sensitive cone cells from losing dark-adaptation - - - but narrow-spectrum LED amber lights can be a great deal dimmer while giving as much effective illumination. The long-wavelength 'red-sensitive' cone cells actually peak in or near the yellow part of the visible spectrum.

And that's why Hangar 7 has amber night lighting. Besides, it looks cool. ;)
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