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By Norski
Deep underground, near the end of a tunnel or cave: something brightly shining.

The figures are Michael 3 and Victoria 3, by Daz 3D. Clothing is by Daz 3D's M3 Tunic, Morphing Fantasy Dress, and Victoria 3 Ultra Catsuit; with my textures.

The jar is from Lemonade Stand by Coleman Studios, the setting is Nerd 3D's Cave System, the bullseye lantern comes from Dodger and DAZ Production's Dungeon Lighting Kit: and so is the lantern light, with some tweaking.

The rest of the lighting is mine, as is the 'camera work.'
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© 2016 - 2021 Norski
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Did you do the shadow of Michael 3? Its amazing! :) Nice job with this scene Brian! :)
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The shadow of Michael 3 is part of the software (DAZ Studio) rendering - - - using parameters I set up to define the light's 'color' and how sharp the shadow would be. It took a few trial runs to get the effect I wanted.

They're not apparent, but there's another shadow of Michael 3 on the cave/tunnel wall to the viewer's right, from the light in the jar, and the foreground figure is very subtly highlighted by another 'jar' light. I enjoy working with multiple light sources which appear in the image, or whose presence is implied.
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Is it just me, or does he look like he's trying not to laugh?
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I *like* that idea. He does seem to be quite pleased about something. The 64-dollar-question is - - - what's in the jar? ;)
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Something that glows, apparently.