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WIP-ArcherScout plans

By Norsehound
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I've been reading David Mack's Exellent Vanguard series (What I can find of it anyway), and it's been encouraging some thoughts of adapting the Edge of the Empire system to Star Trek. Following -that-, I wanted to try understanding some of the floorplans Masao Okazaki created for this ship my making something a little more definitive.
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Sorry for not commenting earlier, but I haven't visited in quite a while.

I worked on this a long time ago, so I don't remember exactly what we were thinking about. But here's a few comments. 
I think the engineering space on the A Deck might have been like a swimming pool, with the warp core in the water and a wall section along the walls. On the side view of the ship I drew you can see the crew standing along a gate. On the B Deck both the Sick Bay (CMO) and Gallery/Conference Room probably extend further outward, much as they other rooms do. That tan thing on top was intended as a surface sensor (I think), so it didn't go so deep. So, rather than all the sensor equipment being on the side, it was probably done under the ship's nose. 
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Love the Archer-Class and have always wondered if someone would do a full deck plan for her.  Very nicely done so far.
Looks sensible so far, for a ship that size.  Some space could be saved by abandoning some corridor.  On a scout ship, sometimes you need to pass through one compartment to reach another.  Kinda like a submarine.

Between footage from the original series, careful analysis of book details, and architectural references from the Ballantine Enterprise blueprint book.... I'm sure a down-to-the-houseplants schematic is within your reach.