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By Norsehound
It's been far too long since I drew anything in Photoshop.

Ex-Tachi. This is the ride of Jim Holden and his crew across the Scifi novel series of The Expanse. Formerly a martian torpedo boat attached to the Martian cruiser Donnager. Primary armament is missiles, but it does carry some point defenses.

This is how I saw her more or less when I was reading Leviathan's wake. It's a good book, but I really don't like the body horror that crops up in the book.

Maybe I'll finish and color it someday. Made some tweaks to the line art.
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reminds me of the Guinevere from the sojourn

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I think i've seen this ship model in one of Eckartsladder videos on YT... or was in other Youtuber?
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torpedoes, point defence cannons, AND a big frikkin rail gun!
Great job on the RCS thrusters. They are essential to space travel, but almost everyone totally ignores them.

But the airplane-like cockpit is a bit strange for what is essentially a torchship. Isn't the "floor" in the spaceship perpendicular to the thrust vector to take advantage of the constant 1G of acceleration as artificial gravity?
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Yep.  Ships in the Expanse have the more realistic "office tower" configuration, where "up" is towards the ships bow, "down" is towards the stern.   The bridge did not have windows, it was just the room where the pilot and captain sat, like a small CIC. 
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The Discovery didn't have a problem with this arrangement...
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Hey Norse:

The books actually describe the ships in the arrangement Axei described. Since they use super efficient Epstein drives they can be under constant burn to effectively have 1G toward the keel at all times. So the decks are stacked in such away as to take advantage of that.

Otherwise, this is an awesome design, and much better than the concept my head's been trying to assemble for the last week or so.

(still might take a crack at it though)

I especially love your maneuvering thrusters. While I'd say that you'd normally want them as far from the CoM as possible, I really like the way they're arranged on what I assume is the drive section.
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A cool interpretation. Have you seen the television adaptation on the Syfy channel?
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I've seen the first two episodes. Some things are different from what I would have expected, especially the Knight shuttle. Pretty clearly they had to make design compromises to still do gravity-affected sets and things.... it's a good compromise. Not looking forward to seeing Eros depicted.
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There’s something humorous about how the show’s version of the Rocinante looks like it would fit in just fine in your favorite sci-fi game.
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I can't be the only one to find the cockpit looks like godzilla's head :/…
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The bridge reminds me of Godzilla's face.  Love the RCS looking module. 
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You have no idea how long I've been waiting for fanart of The Expanse. Fantastic job.
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Awesome!!! hey I would like to see an rendition of the MRCN Donnager. 
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This is really great design! I would be interested to see how you envision the Donnager and Nauvoo.
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Wow, this is beautiful, I love the engine section. 
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Dude, I'm reading  Cibola Burn right now. Adore the whole series. This is a damn fine vision of the Roci. I think you nailed it.

Any plans to do more stuff from the Expanse? I've yet to see anyone do a proper Martian "Yojimbo" mech. 
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If I pick up Caliban's War I probably would. I was thinking about doing the Scopuli, the Anubis, or Tycho station.
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I would love to see you do anything else from the Expanse series. Think you'd do an awesome job. Cannot recommend Caliban's War enough. TBH, the whole space zombie  aspect of Leviathan Wakes was initially a downer for me too, but I hung in there for the superb characters, genuine dialogue, epic space opera -- and continue to feel rewarded.   

BTW, I recently read that the Roci is an atmosphere rated ship. Not sure if they mentioned this in previous books, or if you already considered that in your design. 
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This Roci is a little more atmospherically friendly than another version I've seen…

I just didn't like the vivid scenes describing what happened on Eros. I have a vivid imagination and I don't react well to horror for that reason, so, yeah. I think I know where the horror parts are in Caliban's war and I still want to give it a shot. I just hope I can put the book down when I need to!
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I'm with you there. They describe the Roci as being mostly wedge shaped, which you got right and that design in the link just totally ignored. I saw it on the net before and wasn't a big fan. Really generic. 

Eros was gross. No doubt. Shouldn't be much of a spoiler, but there is a protomolecule monster in Caliban's war (hence caliban in the title). Nothing on the scale of the Gieger-esque bio-massacre on Eros tho. Mostly humans doing bad shit to humans.  But the best part IMO is the new characters they introduce. One shitkicker in particular stole my heart.  

As for putting the book down when you need to... no promises there. I blaze through these like no other. This is space crack for me. I bought Cibola Burn as a vacation book, and I'm forcing myself to stop reading it because I'm in danger of finishing before even leaving for the trip!   
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your stuff is always so cool.

I want to be at this level of design. :p
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