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Map of the Homeworld Universe

Dedicated to Relic Entertainment, the staff that works there, Rob Cunningham, and the universe of Homeworld.

believe this or not, but I am contemplating redoing/touching up the map for this year's Relic's Biggest Fan contest.

I think I spent a year total making this map, when all the time is added up together and Relic doesn't think that's enough to say I'm their biggest fan. :\

Homeworld is their only original creation after all.
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Hi! I was wondering, if you sell prints of this? If not, am I allowed to print it for personal use?

I thought about printing the map in about 2x1m (78x39") format, and hanging it on the wall in my room The problem is, a vector format would be more appropriate. I'm going for at least 300 DPI, and the PNG bitmap wouldn't look good when resized to a wall poster size.
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I'm not set up to sell prints of this, so go ahead and print it for yourself!
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This map is absolutely gorgeous. Worthy of Homewold's greatness! (I'm a huge fan also :P) But I must ask, where did you find all the information on locations, emblems, timelines, etc... ? Or did you make some stuff up to make it more complete? Either way, I really love to see this sort of fan commitment towards the game. Well done!
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This map has been Approved by all  Kushan Clans to use on Hiigara Nod
I am sorry, is there Gardens of Cadesh present on this map?
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And I made some rules to go with that. Want to see?
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I have the homeworld games. I wish they wood make more or at least update them
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True that! I actually have gained a respect for the story in the trilogy and for Relic Entertainment in general.

What's also amazing is that when I played Homeworld 2, I played it in conjunction with Warhammer: Dawn of War as I imagined this to happen every time something gets deployed:…

I also played the game when i was taking CAD in conjunction with Geometry when I was in high school. The game helped made the learning of two subjects really fun, especially when I was playing it in conjunction with a game based on the table top game, increasing my level of understanding the mathematics of maps.

Check this out:…
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indeed sorry for late reply

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This is absolutely awesome. I'm using it as a guide and linking it for my fictional renders [link]
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Awesome! I was wondering, do the other green space factions such as Valhalla and Lagash count as part of the Osyrian Alliance?
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The Green are galactic council. The Ossyrian alliance is part of the galactic council, but is a council within a council. Ossyria was a microcosm of its own.
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Oh, I understand. So, the Valhalla etc. are separate factions but are all in the Galactic Council?
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Yes. All the green-colored nations are/were members of the Galactic Council. Hiigara kind of stood apart from them because they expanded so quickly. The Vaygr are obviously the Vaygr and the Taiidan have been kind of shunned from the GC based on their tremendous defeat in Homeworld.
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The planet Valhalla isn't in Valhalla.
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awesome map, though wheres Kharak?
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The red line across part of the middle of the galaxy is the exile's journey.

Kharak is the left-most point on that route.
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I approve this map.
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Wow thanks so much for this!
I've always wanted to see a map like this!
Can you tell me though what are all the other empires and how they came to be?
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I didn't think that Homeworld was limited to the "canon" races that we've seen in the game. Many of the unfamiliar powers you see on the map are elaborations and creations on my part. Much of it is drawn from Biblical history or other areas of mythology.
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it would be cool to have seen them in the game though.
and I would love a homeworld 3, maby start up an chain mail of protest and get millions of people to sign it and promis to buy the game when it comes out.
if so we(homeworld fans) should put forward this map and maby make multiple races with unique abilities like in star craft and HW2.
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