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Final Fantasy Xmas

By Norsehound
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Next holiday up: Xmas.

The design just came to me one day and so I went ahead and did it.

There were sequels. This is the 2010 one: [link]
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xDushDush's avatar
vivi my love<3
what about Garnet.. Zidane .. and a mistletoe?:P i can imagine him holding it with his tail XD
Norsehound's avatar
Nah. This was just Vivi doing something nice while everyone else was having fun indoors.
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mokemono's avatar
I can totally picture Vivi hanging a wreath on Christmas! He's so short he needs a stool to do it~ So cute! <3
Tillefa's avatar
This is awesomely cute =D
BlackMage339's avatar
Can't believe it took me so long to find this! It's not even Christmas yet but I love it anyway ^^ I totally agree with the last comment, you really captured him well ^^ And I like the way you've drawn the tails in his coat ^^
Shien-Ra's avatar
Awwww, that's so cute ! :D You captured his personality really well too !
G3nny's avatar
zenpanda's avatar
awhhh <3 off-season
but awwwhh ; u ;
Yuzurihaa's avatar
Ow, it is a beautiful draw, and so adorable !
MRCopyCat's avatar
That's really awesome
Liz-AAA's avatar
OMG what a qute pic o/////o
i love it... o.0
Lolly-Hikari's avatar
So adorable! Really good :D *faved*
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Kyebu's avatar
(I know I'm super late commenting...)

This is so sweet!! When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was an official art haha~ I just love your coloring. It's always so well-balanced and nicely shaded.
stardroidjean's avatar
So adorable ; A ;
FallenTrinities's avatar
It's so beautiful in its own simplicity, it's amazing =) :heart:
wytwolf's avatar
This is wonderful. It's so rare to find decent FFIX art, and I LOVE this. It would make a great christmas card.
Tamara-Hawk's avatar
Is he from Final Fantasy too? *blushes* I just know him from Kingdom Hearts.

Nice picture though! Nice colours!
Norsehound's avatar
He is, but that is only a mere (pardon the pun) shadow of himself from how he was in FFIX.

Of course, having never actually played KHII, I can't say that with 100% certainty.
Luvythicus's avatar
Vivi, fuck yeah :V
marielitaaa's avatar
mashowasho's avatar
Made me Awwwww.
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