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Brunhilde ( ブリュンヒルト )
The Brunhilde was laid down in 486 RC (Reich Calendar) as the prototype to a new class of battleship. While she lacks the traditional forward-facing canons of the standard battleships of the time, her curved hull incorporates a magnetic reflection field which can deflect most particle shots directed at the ship.

The Brunhilde was assigned to Reinhard von Müsel as his flagship when he made it to Admiral at age 20. Because his sister was concubine to the Emperor, many thought that his quick ascension in rank was due to favoritism by the Emperor. However, time and again Reinhard would prove his tactical and strategic brilliance while at the helm of the Brunhilde- matched only by "miracle" Yang Wen-Li of the Free Planets Alliance space fleet.

The Brunhilde would last through the entire run of Legends of the Galactic Heroes- making her first chronological appearance under Reinhard's command during the battle of Legmiza. She would eventually come to serve as supreme flagship of the Goldenbaum, then Lohengramm, dynasties and eventually the "Palace" to Reinhard's leadership.

Standard Imperial Battleship ( 標準戦艦 )
This is the standard Imperial Battleship of the Imperial forces on the side of the Empire in LOGH. It is one of the most prolific vessels, and several ships have specific names and served as flagships for lesser characters. Mittermeyer and Reuantal both had flagships like this with their personal mark before being promoted to fleet admirals and getting thier own ships.

Pictured here is a custom warship in my own colors- the "Cygnus". Were I of rank in the Imperial fleets, this is what I'd have for my fleet (or flotilla) flagship.

Also on escort is an Imperial Destroyer and two Imperial gunships. The black color belongs to the "Black Lancers" squadron of the Imperial side.
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alexthegreaterStudent Artist
What weapons DOES the Brunhilde have? Is it just an unarmed flagship?
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At least 32 weapons, beams of varying kinds? Missiles.

Visually in the anime we can make out she has some beam guns longitudinally along her middle trench and she's demonstrated firing a single nuclear missile from a magazine. Brunhild seems to emphasize her defensive capabilities more than the offense of the FPA flagships.
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alexthegreaterStudent Artist
I've been watching the show, and it's clear she does fire beams from somewhere on her forward surface, but in general, the lack of obvious weapon holes makes her stand out moreso even than her gleaming white surface. Heck, even the alliance transports had a forward particle cannon battery (no idea why, they wouldn't survive in a gunfight against BBs, and they wouldn't be able to target anything smaller with fixed cannon armaments)
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Visually the anime makes a big deal of the Empire preferring style to substance, and being more advanced than the Alliance (Seffle/Zephr particles for instance, and the fortresses). So it makes sense to me that they hide many of their guns under doors and portholes to keep a clean surface.

Brunhild is one of the flagships that spends most of the time commanding large fleet operations, so I'd think it's not expected to go to the front line often and have to fight. It nearly cost Reinhard at Vermillion.
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xxVectorZeroxxHobbyist General Artist
best battleship evar.
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Nice! I think someone did a HW mod for LoGH a while back.
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Nicely done! And another LOGH fan who know his stuff!
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
I thought I recognised that white ship from somewhere. (A book I got from Japan, couldn't make out anything but it featured the artist who invented this series... just mindblowing taste) At last after all these years I've found the name to it lol! So thank you!! And FANTASTIC JOB displaying it all out like this.

Is there an anime licensed after or soemthing more recent from the same creator?
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And thanks Kai :)
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
Always welcome!
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If you want a better rendition of the Brunhild Kai, check out [link] in my gallery. It's stacked next to its more or less Alliance counterpart, the Hyperion. Both of these ships are used by the heroes of their respective sides. This piece was an attempt at drawing the brunhild with a battleship.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes as known in the west is an animated OVA from the 80s (110+ episode OVA) of a novel series by Dr. Yoshiki Tanaka. There have been several side-stories and spinoffs following the main characters, as well as a pair of movies. The latest of which was the Spiral Labyrinth OVA, released in 2000. I consider it to be the best space opera in existence.

Looks like Naoyuki Kato was the mechanical designer for the animated series.
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
fantastic! thanks for the info, I'll definitely give the ova a look up! The designs had me sold...
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YES. I absoluetly LOVE "Legend of the galactic heroes".
One of my favourite Anime series.
Great work on the "Brunhild" and the Black Lancer`s battleship. :thumbsup:
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that was supposed to be a normal battleship tho...
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The green ribvbon around rthe bow gives it away as a regular fleet battleship.
Was too tired to notice. :sleepy:
However I would really like to see one in Black Lancers markings. :-)
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The fair Brunhilde! The one of three women Reinhard von Muesel truly loved. ;)
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I second that!:lol:
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Gelgoog328Hobbyist General Artist
I love LOGH, I'm surprised you haven't done the Rio Grande yet.
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Agreed! Admiral Bucoke rules!
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Jesus... the bottom White one (Brunhide?) is god-like!
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The one on the top looks cool. Gives the idea of an average frigate.
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That's a Battleship.
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You should add a scale...
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soliosProfessional General Artist
Any plans to model any of these in 3d?
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