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KR-14A+Kai Kelleg Kai by Norsehound KR-14A+Kai Kelleg Kai :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 118 2 KR-14A-Kelleg GR Type by Norsehound KR-14A-Kelleg GR Type :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 127 5 KR-25 Kelleg-III by Norsehound KR-25 Kelleg-III :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 214 2 Kelleg FamilyTree by Norsehound Kelleg FamilyTree :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 48 4 B3-A-Bali Trainer by Norsehound B3-A-Bali Trainer :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 88 4 UKR-30 Akeltsi by Norsehound UKR-30 Akeltsi :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 79 3 LK-99 Karkana by Norsehound LK-99 Karkana :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 353 20 QM-31 Aiget by Norsehound QM-31 Aiget :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 142 15 ESS1 Zotan by Norsehound ESS1 Zotan :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 99 6 SP338-DS Mydeea Recon by Norsehound SP338-DS Mydeea Recon :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 67 0 SP338-D-Mydeea Magnate Guard ver by Norsehound SP338-D-Mydeea Magnate Guard ver :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 79 1 TKR-99 Kaijin by Norsehound TKR-99 Kaijin :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 93 10 KR-14D Kelleg-D GR Type by Norsehound KR-14D Kelleg-D GR Type :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 352 13 TN-00 Balfa by Norsehound TN-00 Balfa :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 65 2 Chinise-ZR-6-Standing-Dragon by Norsehound Chinise-ZR-6-Standing-Dragon :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 54 6 ET-3A Mintana by Norsehound ET-3A Mintana :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 88 1

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KR-14A+Kai Kelleg Kai
Membership (voluntarily or no) membership in the United Earth Unified Assembly (and by extension the United Earth Peace Corps) granted with it the plans and specifications of the KR-14A and other standardized UEPC axel designs. With it came the requirement of manufacturing only units that were "approved" by the UEPC. Failure to comply met with sanctions or, if there was no compliance, military intervention by the UEPC. Many nations responded to this restriction in different ways, crafting the KR-14A+ was one such response. Exploiting the latitude of 'industrial flexibility'- compromises on KR-14 manufacturing due to the needs of the nation making them- many nations forced to build Kellegs made creative changes to the design to circumvent the UEPC's restrictions. All of them were classified as KR-14A+ (with various nation codes to distinguish them), and were technically illegal. By the time the UEPC was beginning to enforce their restriction policies, the Global Resistance was starting to become a worldwide threat.

Pictured is one of the more successful KR-14A+ variants- Japan's KR-14A+ Kai. Compared to the KR-14A the unit has improved computer software, a new head unit with color processing and tri-camera optical arrays, a new electrical system and magnetically charged joints that gave the unit a faster response time. The armor scheme was also reconsidered, with elbow armor reduced and the calf guards re-implemented from the D model. Lastly an entirely new balance mechanism was installed, allowing the pilot to customize the intended center of gravity on the unit, offering surprising flexibility.

The Kai model was not advertised when it was manufactured and Japan was quietly phasing out UEPC europe-delivered KR-14s with their homegrown models. Three times the UEUA council issued edicts in response to Japan's flagrant violation of the Understandings clause of the UEUA-Japan charter, but the Japanese ignore them. As Japan continued to lead electronics development (in competition with france), the UEUA could not be too brutal with economic sanctions least they lose access to powerful computer networks. Ultimately by the time the Global Resistance began its uprising, the UEPC had more problems to deal with than obligation enforcement. Ultimately the KR-14A+ Kai ended up in rogue units opposing the UEUA-backed Japanese government, sporting the notorious ReZak scheme that would become emblematic of this period of civil uprising.

Pictured is one of the first units fielded by the Japanese openly when they armed their military. The unit also gives up the KR-14's standard RR-8 rifle for the homegrown M-201A7 Assault Rifle, a flexible weapon capable of firing rocket-propelled projectiles, scattershot capable of decimating infantry, or solid slug rounds that were said to threaten the UEPC's venerable BK-47 series.

I have a few KR-14A+ variations that I drew up after the Egypt scheme of the KR-14A+ that haven't seen the light of day. While pushing to do a book of some kind on the Kelleg, thought I'd finish another one of them up. Large res is, of course, on my Patreon. Along with a few other goodies.

My Patreon is here:

KR-14A-Kelleg GR Type
In the early days of the Global Resistance, acquiring Axels was easy thanks to the proliferation of the KR-14A. Since it was simpler to completely replace damaged units, rather than repair them, scrapped units ended up in junkyards and salvage facilities across the globe. It was a trivial matter for the nascent resistance movement to acquire, repair, and upgrade these units for clandestine strikes against the UEPC. The main battle axel of the world government became its first opponent.

Later the Global Resistance began acquiring other, more formidable designs, pushing the KR-14A and its modifications to rear-line protection duty. Still many veterans who saw the Global Resistance from its earliest days remember the fierce struggles and midnight raids out of the KR-14As. Anyone accomplishing that much in such a poor machines was clearly a person of skill.


Thinking of a book-related project for Axels... a big art book talking about the various units. My trial for this (or utlimate product) is something talking about the KR-14, so I needed to do a GR variant of the A. Recolors are simple! Larger art is up on my Patreon.

My Patreon is here:

KR-25 Kelleg-III
For forty-six years, the KR-14 series has been a symbol of oppression by the enforcer arm of the United Earth Unified Assembly, the United Earth Peace Corps. The model also became a symbol of hope and resistance against the UEPC when the KR-14-P7 model started winning battles against the UEPC. When UEPC dominance was finally broken, the Kelleg remained a modern staple in the eyes of many Axel designers and enthusiasts. While the early A and D models were problematic at best, they served adequately, and much of the axel production infrastructure of the globe was still geared to manufacture these cheap models. As nations across the globe picked up the pieces following the global conflict they began improving upon the design for their national armed forces.

While the KR-14-P7 was re-adapted into production as the KR-20 Kelleg II, a few manufacturers tried their own ways to improve upon the design. The first major success to continue the Kelleg line was Mardiv Fabricator's design, named the Kelleg III. Compared to the KR-20 it was a lighter design, returning to the root intent of making an easy to manufacture model that could remain the baseline which all other Axels were judged. Shaving weight, armor, and load capacity made the Kelleg III into an effective light-medium combat axel that filled much of the roles left behind by the retired KR-14A, though with none of the dismal shortcomings of that expendable unit.

The Kelleg III had other competitors in this field, particularly the RT-12 Marlton, but it still managed to attract a few buyers. It found a role in a quick assault axel that was particularly useful in airdrop operations. In terms of popularity the design still competes with the well-received KR-20 and a host of other new light and medium designs. If nothing else however, the Axel shows the lineage of the Kelleg is still going strong into the future.

I'm trying to draw some modernized Kelleg variation with proportions that look good. Not entirely happy with this one but it'll do. We've seen this design before actually, in an axel drop artwork where it has some shoulder armor and a submachine gun. I decided to make an official variant. This also represents the first post UEPC Kelleg entry.

EDIT: A small adjustment to increase the size of the shoulder armor. Seemed off on the original drawing.

My Patreon is here:

Kelleg FamilyTree
Over time the Kelleg has become the mascot of Axel Battles. In many ways, it embodies my affinity for the disposable, thankless grunt machines every robot show has (to name a few, the OZ-06MS Leo, the TIE/LN Fighter, the Regult Battlepod). Being that this is my world the Kelleg has gone on to inspire new variants and permutation in spite of its status as the ubiquitous grunt machine of Axel Battles. The Kelleg's lineage goes on much further than the span of history recorded up into this point.

There's artwork included here that I've made over the years, has never been seen on my DA page, and never finished. But I'm a creative that likes to consider even concept artwork and raw ideas as some degree of canonical, so they're included even though they're a bit goofier than I'd be satisfied with (kind of like Okawara designs vs Kaotoki in the Gundam universe). Also included are some mocked up logos of the various manufacturers of parts of the Kelleg lineage and beyond.

Enjoy! The bigger version is going up on Patreon.
B3-A-Bali Trainer
In the past, the process to train new Axel pilots typically involved a significant amount of simulator time before candidates moved on to piloting real machines. These trainer types were almost always under-armored medium axels of the day, typically with their midsections given large panoramic windows in place of the head camera units. This trend was fairly successful in getting many axel pilots trained, but when the UEPC was organizing their own training school they desired a specialized axel for this purpose. The B3-A Bali was not the ideal machine, but it was the cheapest one pitched to the UEUA for training purposes, and was ultimately accepted.

The Bali is unique in the milieu of axels by having a cockpit with side-by-side seating. Two-seater Axels were rare as it was, the most popular of which was the BK-47B with tandem seating having the gunner stationed before the pilot. The side-by-side method was proposed to allow instructors to guide and direct candidates personally, but the designer seemed to overlook the off-center nature of the Bali's cockpit was disorienting to new pilots. Many graduates that trained on the Bali found the seating arrangement problematic, feeling more like a ground motor car than up-rated power armor.

Nearly three hundred Bali were built, but only a quarter of them saw service as trainers. The design was better suited for commercial and industrial work, where it competed with industry Axels. The B3-A also saw service commercially; being one of the few modern axels to see commercial service overlapping with military service. Ultimately the B3-A remained in servicefor decades, with cadets continuing to suffer the awkward piloting arrangement.


The Bali has been in existance for a long while, only having scrappy sketch lineart for a drawing. Decided to re-draw it leading up into this past weekend and just finished it now. It's a bit dorky I know, but it's supposed to be that way. Awkward and unpleasant.

Hopefully I can think up a good combat axel for my next try since this and the Akeltsi are kinda awkward.

My Patreon is here:

Here's a bit of serious thinking for my watchers of DA.

So... putting it succinctly I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for a career . I look at the kinds of things I do when I have the time and I know I like drawing/creating. I'd like very much to have a career where I do this all the time.

When I was in high school I knew I wanted to be a concept artist, specifically a mechanical designer similar to the likes of Kunio Okawara and Hajime Katoki. That's what I grew up wanting to do and how I developed artistically. I know that I'm an illustrator, not a digital artist, so while I can't paint as well as Ukitakumuki or some of my other sources of inspiration, I know I can at least do line artwork like Katoki or Genocidalpenguin and then color in my artwork.

But... Is there a place where I can do this vehicle lineart and coloring for a career? I'm talking beyond commissions artwork, because I don't really put myself out there as much as I should for that kind of thing and would like to find a steady job doing this.

In Japan it feels like Mechanical Designers of anime are a recognized career in the industry there, and if I were there it would be the thing I would be doing. But what's the equivalent in the west?
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Michael Ptak
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