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New Art!

Tonight I joined a new Google Hangout group and I painted's made from a pencil sketch of a Wizardess character for my new comic.
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Great, amazing work~! 
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this is amazeing.. love the contortions on that snake!
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The compo, the chara design, the color chose, i like all of this.
I appreciate the way you colored the snake, the value and saturation are so good.
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What a nice idea! The snake looks definitely friendly (I want to pet it :la:). Unless you get enemy with her, I suppose... It's face looks dragonish :D And I like her dress, in particular her shoes.
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You are very stylish !! I love your coloring technique and I was wondering how you color your art. What brushes do you use, what program, what mode you put your brush on 70% or 30%. Please do tell, I'd like to learn from ya !
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Beautiful work! I love the sinuous pose of the green serpent and the Wizardess' costume!
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Killer work, this is really great!! 
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I would read this comic. Is the snake a good snake? I always like to see friendly snakes in fiction. There are already so many evil snakes. 
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def a good snake.
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This is really clever. Love the style and gesture, and her outfit!
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i like it very much!
love the coils of the flyey snakey thing :D
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i just love your style!:D
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Love your rendering style!
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Love pretty much everything about this :thumbsup:
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She is awesome! I love the way you drew her.
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Really cool John, your art just gets better and better, keep them coming buddy!
I'm mesmerized by all the kinks and twists in the serpent.

It looks like it must have been so fun to draw
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um correct me if im wrong but a female wizard is a witch right?
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