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Monkey D Luffy Rejected Pose

I did this quick last night and finished it up's a rejected Luffy pose i did for a larger scale One Piece painting I've been working on.

This pose is sort of cool, but doesn't work for what I have planned, so I figured I'd have some fun and do a quickie painting to get a feel for what I'd like to do with the more important composition to follow.

One Piece!!!!
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The perspective is great captured !
Good example how much the play with the detailing sets depth in a pic,
Nice one !
This captures Luffy's toughness and power!
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love the perspective of this !
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This is a very good pose, despite the fact it was rejected for another piece! So what if the proportions aren't realistic, the fun thing is, because it is Luffy, it doesn't have to be realistic!
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ahhaa really good!!
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Ouch, that punch is going to hurt!

Very nice job!
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It looks a great pose to me, nonetheless it's awesome man
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awesome! love the action pose
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Very nice i use to watch the show wen it was on sadly its not on n e more:( but very nice
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Read the Manga!!! The anime is pretty good, but the manga is fantastic...
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Very cool drawing of him especially his mimic. He seems pissed ;)
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Love this, the style, colouring and pose are all so well done.
Man this is awesome!! Make a Naruto series character in future training...
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