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Finished painting this one this past night. Took a lot out of me....I'll be honest. :)

Sidenote: I recorded the process of painting of this one as well for the purpose of a near future timelapse video release.

EDIT: I Probably should have also said how this is relevant to my comic forgive me...I'm just so tired haha.

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amazing artwork
Wayuki's avatar
Such a quirky scene! I love it! XD
Nice pic but like your sombra artwork too😂
Looking forward to seeing you at Pixel Vienna! Very exciting! :) 
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dear Norse Chowder

what program did you use for this amazing illustration?
and if there is more then one program could you also name then.

Kind regards Nathaniel
ps I really love your work ;)
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It was based on a tiny 4-inch tall drawing of the main character (Sigurd) that I have in my sketchbook. It was done with a Mitsubishi Hi-Uni HB pencil on a moleskin A4 sketchpad. The rest of the characters/environment were all drawn and painted in photoshop.
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thank you dear sir

you truly are very skilled. I wish you all the best in your life.

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This piece is beautiful but it looks like so much work. Have to admire that work ethic and skill.
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Is the snake in the background a friendly snake? 
Ofidian's avatar
I love friendly snakes in fiction! They're an island of satisfaction in a sea of more and worse pain. I'm so happy. 
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Wow, awesome palette! Congrats, your style is so amazing :D
bdrush333's avatar
I see can how this would take a lot out of you. Its really detailed and atmospheric. The longer I look at it the more stuff I discover. Very cool man!
Chaoswolfstone's avatar
very cool, they appear to have collected a mass of treasure too.
Monkeytailz's avatar
Love it ! nice coloring ~`
Perfect  ! Can't wait to watch your video.
wafar2798's avatar
Dude, this looks EPIC! Awesome work!Clap 
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This is incredible!
Nice work!!
catbib's avatar
awesome! love all the detail
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