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Los Muertos Sombra Skin Concept

The Los Muertos Sombra skin I designed for Overwatch. :)
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This is my favorite skin for Sombra-- thank you so much for this design~
hctertsemoheht's avatar
Easily one of the best skin designs in the game. It's cool to see all that your art has contributed to the game!
ssaffr01's avatar
This is an cannon skin right? 

I like it!
AngelaSasser's avatar
My god this is cool!  I know what character I'll be playing if I ever start up Overwatch. <3
CrazyBunni's avatar
Are you serious?!  You designed this!? Oh my god man!  I love this skin and I have it currently equip, the MOMENT she was released I bought this skin!  Great job and keep up the amazing work!! XD
JupiterGrace's avatar
You are Amazing Sir ^0^ 
Ofidian's avatar
 I think this is actually superior to her standard skin. 
Beezul's avatar
I think this is the first time i have ever seen you do concept art for a brown person. I love this skin
GlitchedBat's avatar
This is my favorite skin of Sombra's and I love you for it <3
NorseChowder's avatar
RorikSavant's avatar
My favourite skin! :D
Can't wait to buy it! 
SmallishBear88's avatar
Do you do the majority of the concept art for Overwatch?
NevolinKonstantin's avatar
XhelyX's avatar
Hmm... I love the outfit, but the yellow skull kind of ruined it for me. :/
HelbaRion's avatar
It's part of the Gang's motify, it's actually Green in Game. Like Blacklight colors not just normal paint, it's pretty cool it just doesn't translate well in 2d.
XhelyX's avatar
Ow right. Saw it in game and I now understand looks a lot cooler. :3 
Mizu55's avatar
I love it! It's my favourite skin for Sombra :heart:
SKILLZ001's avatar
Awesome work ... i'm sure it will look great in the game ! 
Neko-Slay's avatar
This skin for Sombra is my favourite! Great job and thanks for making this amazing design! ;w;
PeppaDew123's avatar
Is it wrong of me to like the Azucar skin more?  :<  sorry John.
SmallishBear88's avatar
I think he technically did both. 
ShadabS's avatar
I really love this skin, along with the cyberspace skin. Love it!
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