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Still my favorite skin for her I love those goggles and the vest
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I absolutely loved this design of the character, especially considering I didn't care for the character's default look at all. It was the first skin I won in the Beta and the first I bought in the live.

Though, it did make me imagine a skin where the mech was like the DeLorean from Back to the Future with DVa wearing Marty McFly's trademark jeans, shirt, and bubble jacket vest.
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One of the coolest skins in the game (and sadly one of the only D.Va skins I don't have). Thanks for designing this, way back when!
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Looks pretty dope! ;)
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I would realy love to see the concepts which didn't make it into the game :D !
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and one of my fave skins too. great job
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Used this every diva match.
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Niceeeee! so awesome to see the art for this, great job!
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Cool to know you were behind my favorite D.Va skin!! Really love this concept!
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I must thank you for that! It's actually one of the few legendaries I bought - couldn't wait to loot it anymore. =p
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That's the idea behing this skin I think ;)
Btw their English names are Roadhog and Junkrat
I also do wish to see a bigger version 
français,hein? oui malheureusement ça m'a échappé ^^". 
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