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Blizzcon Sombra Keyart

Well, I can officially claim that yes, I DID in fact paint this, and yes, it IS Sombra. Happy Blizzcon everybody. ;)
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Sorry it leaked. But hey, at least you do hacker waifu justice.
 I would like to have a poster of this piece, but would also like to respect your rights as the artist. Is there a way that I could purchase a print of this?
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On the Blizzard Gear Store there is an 18"x24" signed print of this picture! Here's a link:…
Thank you so much! That is very helpful!
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Ha-hey! Official art! Sad it was leaked, but at least your still getting credit!
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nice :D
Is there any chance to get a OW-heroes-art as a tattoo template ? ;P
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This is freaking amazing sir!   Would so love to do some Overwatch stuff for Blizzard one day, the game and comics are so amazing.

You guys are doing such cool stuff.   Looking forward to more! 
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Well done and amazing character! :D
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Great work sir, I got a print from the Overwatch booth. I didn't know it was yours or I would've had you sign it lol.
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Who leaked this though?
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Beautifully done!!
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She is beautiful :3 Nice job
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and I got my new phone wallpaper
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This should be the most popular Sombra art
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I saw this picture ALL OVER the internet a couple of days before Sombra being released and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TALKING AVOUT THIS IMAGE! THE INTERNET WENT ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!! SO MANY YOUTUBERS HAVE BEEN ALL OVER THIS PIC, IT'S UNREAL!!!! Nice work, I like the colours!
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Must get poster of her. Beautiful work John. Like she is my favorite character so far in owatch.

Also made a wallpaper using her Art in it: 
Overwatch #6: Sombra by Holyknight3000
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i have seen the video today...damn man, this girl is a pure kickass! compliments!
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