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Moenrath and The Viking's . page 221 by ann-josefa
male angel/valkyrie (alt) by VertigoR
male angel/valkyrie by VertigoR
Angel by ShyguyzArt
Comedy is dead......and the SJWs, ANTIFA, and BLM killed it. The reason I say this is because Lord Bung just got Woke and has deleted a video of his from another series he had created called Bung Chronicles, more specifically a video called Norse Code. Ever since what happened to George Floyd, he said he will no longer be making immature and tasteless jokes. But what I don't understand is why he deleted Norse Code, because for some reason I keep having this feeling that he probably thought Norse/Vikings=Nazi, despite the fact that actual Vikings traded with non-whites such as Africans and Arabs. And I know what you guys are thinking, I complained about a tasteless joke in his Confinement series, but that was because I thought what happened to the Canopy Tribe was cruel and completely tasteless and unfunny, while I didn't see anything wrong with Norse Code and not only that, one of his Bung Chronicles episodes actually had a WWII parody film called Detective Fat vs Sexually Inappropriate Nazis and I don't know if that episode will also be removed from his channel next. And now, people are beginning to turn against South Park, and almost every comedian is forced to apologize for even mentioning racism or parodying racism in their jokes. And because of that, I don't think the new Boondocks show is going to be popular, despite it being made by an African-American man and I don't think Uncle Ruckus is going to be in that show either because he was originally made to parody self-hating black men, but I think even he would get banned now because of that. We live in Clown World now, and both Orwell and Huxley are both accurate now. We are both being under watch and censored everywhere we go and we are also becoming hedonistic and degenerated. I have the book 1984 and I want to read it, but at the same time, I don't see the point in reading it now due to the fact we might as well be living in Oceania, or Eurasia, or Eastasia. What was once a warning of how authoritarianism can happen anywhere is now becoming an instruction manual for republics becoming dictatorships, and there is also the fact that one of the reasons why the Star Wars prequel series is now being considered a masterpiece is that the prequel film trilogy is seen how a healthy republic can become a tyrannical empire destroying the very ideals it defended, all in the name of safety and security. I know sooner or later, some of the things I have in my gallery or any one of our galleries will be taken down to them being seen as "offensive", despite not being seen as that originally.In Star Wars: Episode III, Padme said, "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause", and comedy also counts as liberty. I am just giving my two cents on what is happening in the world and how it will fuck up our future later on, and that is what horrifies me
A Brief History of the Norse Afterlife by PrecariouslyPeculiar
A Brief History of Skalds by PrecariouslyPeculiar
A Brief History of Runes by PrecariouslyPeculiar
Heirs of Mythology
Jormungandr and Fenrir by AskilBabe
Freyja  by AskilBabe
Hand chain with boar tooth, copper by MoxieBlacksmith
Copper beard jewelry by MoxieBlacksmith
Prayerful by TheOnyxSwami
Ultimate Loki by saramarconato
Loki and Sigyn (Marvel version) by saramarconato
Logyn - Just you and me by RamylieDouglas
Earth Elemental Mini Rune Set by OdinsBeadHall
Jelling Style Wolves chest tattoo by Feivelyn
Celtic cat necklace by BDSart
Celtic owl ring by BDSart
Narvi? by MlpClipperCrash
Loki and Sigyn by MlpClipperCrash
Hela by MlpClipperCrash
The Betrayal by MlpClipperCrash

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For everyone who loves norse mythology in any display.

Here, we accept any kind of art connected to norse mythology (even if connection is "so little that you can't see it from the side"). We support our beloved norse gods (and monsters as well) in any possible way. Feel free to join and submit art.
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Welcome to Norse Mythology, group, created to share any art displaying norse myths or anything connected to them.

:target: Well, to make it clear, we accept:
:bulletred: Illustrations for existing myths
:bulletred: Original stories and arts with norse mythology characters
:bulletred: Illustrations, fanart and fanfiction for things, based on norse myths
:bulletred: Anything else, connected to norse myths

:target: Join
Feel free to join, everyone will be accepted.

:target: Submit
Submit any art to a correct folder. Folders are:
:bulletorange: Featured - for finished works, based on norse mythology itself, i.e. illustrations for myths, designs for characters from norse mythology etc.
:bulletorange: Original - works, based on your (or somebody's on DA) interpretation of norse mythology, i.e. illustrations for original stories, missing scenes and crack pairings
:bulletorange: Literature - all textual works, based on norse mythology
:bulletorange: Heirs of mythology - works, based on published interpretations of norse mythology (as Marvel's "Thor", "Valhalla" comics, manga or anime "Matantei Loki Ragnarok", books (there are millions of them!) etc.)
:bulletorange: X-over - mix of characters from norse myths with characters from any other mythology or with character from any book, movie, anime etc. which isn't connected to norse myths.
:bulletorange: Other - things you can't add to any other folder
:bulletorange: Sketches - unfinished works and doodles
Also need to highlight: works can be submited by everyone, no matter are you a member or not, as well as you can suggest fav, but I prefer you'd be a member. To press join button isn't that hard, really.

If you have questions, just ask me there =>… .
Great thing happend! We've reached the number of 101!
Which is really awesome. So now we have 100+ people who spreads Norse Mythology across the earth :evillaugh:

Also, little change in our gallery folders system. New folder, "X-over". It's for things, which has mix of Norse mythology with something else. In other words:
a) when in one picture meets gods|creatures from different mythologys (for example, Loki and Hermes, or Jormungand and Quetzalcoatl)
b) when gods|creatures from norse myths meets characters from something unrelated to norse mythology (like, Odin and Elijah Baley from The Caves of Steel, or... erm... example from our gallery, Idunn and Death from Sandman)
c) when some characters cosplay norse gods|creatures or norse gods cosplay as some characters (i wonder if the last thing ever exist :D)
But important!
If there is x-over of something from norse mythology with something based on norse mythology (like, real Thor meets Marvel's Thor, or Marvel's Loki is pictured with real Loki's children), then it goes not to "X-over", but to "Heirs of mythology"!

All for now. If you have questions, feel free to ask.
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